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Divorce Lawyers in Monmouth Beach NJ

Monmouth Beach, New Jersey Divorce Attorneys Work Hard for You

You have heard the stats — one-half of all wedded couples wind up in divorce. Even so, the majority of folks assume their marriage will last forever. Although, it can, and sadly it does occur.
There are countless claims that need to be settled prior to a divorce can become official, but stressing about it won't remedy your situation. Rather than worrying, choose a Monmouth Beach, New Jersey divorce attorney to represent you. A divorce lawyer will prioritize your best interests when it comes to your financial situation, guardianship of children and other personal variables.

Unfortunately, divorce can be challenging. The final determination of your divorce, including land and earnings can be better facilitated with a divorce lawyer in Monmouth Beach, NJ. Villani & DeLuca, P.C. lawyers will toil diligently to establish a happier future for you.

Seasoned Monmouth Beach, NJ Divorce Lawyers Working for You

The process of divorce can be made less frustrating with a practiced divorce lawyer on your side. There are several aspects of marriage that need to be handled before your divorce can be settled in court. Getting the right divorce attorney by your side will make it easier to receive a decent settlement. Whether your goals involve parenting time, division of assets, alimony and spousal support payments, your smartest path to get results is with an experienced, divorce attorney.

Villani & DeLuca has been representing clients in Monmouth Beach, NJ who are dealing with divorce since opening its doors in 1996. Vincent DeLuca, Esq. is a NJ Supreme Court-certified divorce lawyer and a founder and partner of Villani & DeLuca.
A NJ divorce lawyer must be adept enough to represent your welfare both in front of a judge and in front of your spouse's legal counsel. Divorce lawyers from Villani & DeLuca assist clients who require, including divorce mediation, child support and no-fault divorces. Our lawyers will strive to receive what you want.

Getting a Divorce in NJ

Normally, spouses requiring a New Jersey divorce will have to be residing in NJ for at least 12 months prior to eligible. Either spouse may initiate the process, referring to at least a half year of irreconcilable differences. Under the case of irreconcilable differences, specific occurrences must exist:
– Adultery
– Unnatural sexual tendencies
– Abandonment (willful and ongoing for at least a year)
– Drug addiction or frequent drinking
– 18-month separation
– Continuous institutionalization for mental illness for 2 or more years
– Extreme cruelty (physical or psychological cruelty risking safety or health of husband or wife)

Typical Divorce Circumstances

Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation in New Jersey could possibly be either court-mandated or privately sought. Individuals considering divorce mediation interact in a more collaborative venue, with a neutral 3rd party individual controlling the divorce process between partners. Stipulations will be agreed upon with the guidance of a mediator. A settlement by means of divorce mediation can generally be better for the two sides than a court ordered verdict.

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is still another effective solution for couples that may still have the capability to talk politely and without vindictiveness. Collaborative divorce removes the necessity of a courtroom visit. It's not right for all couples, but it can be a relatively positive experience for partners who are still able to work together.

Child Custody

Child custody can be hard to handle as a divorcing parent. An attorney can battle in court for your parental right. The court will mandate on this concern based on your child's best interests.

Alimony or Spousal Support

Financial agreements are oftentimes a big component of divorce. Spousal support is typically determined by the standard of living that each spouse has grown accustomed to during their relationship. If one partner cannot have enough money for that level because of a divorce, alimony may be ascribed as a way to sustain it.. According to N.J.S.A. 2A:34-23(b), alimony payments are based on the length of your marriage, your age education-level and personal assets.

Child Support

In New Jersey, child support payments are calculated based on a certain proportion of both parents' salaries. The calculation will change based on whether a spouse has sole or joint-custody of the child. There are several other components that can shape child support payments, including who pays for health insurance, the number of evenings each child spends at a parent's home, income potential, and principally, the individual circumstances of the child.
The process of determining child support can be antagonistic. Make sure your lawyer is experienced in matters of child support.

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