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DWI Lawyers in Middletown NJ

Charged With Drunk Driving? A New Jersey DUI Lawyer Can Help

Have you been charged with DUI in New Jersey? Tough state laws and penalties for driving under the influence can alter your life. However there are steps you can take to protect yourself. A NJ DUI lawyer will get you back on the right track.
DUI requires a more specialized attorney. Villani & DeLuca DUI attorneys will work hard to defend you against strict fines and ill-treatment of your rights.

Know the DUI Laws in New Jersey

If you were recently stopped at a sobriety roadblock or pulled over by law enforcement for suspicion of driving drunk, you may currently be facing serious DUI allegations. You might be required to participate in a field sobriety test when a police officer thinks you could be intoxicated beyond what is legal. You might also be required to participate in a breath test if a law enforcement official has reason to think you have been consuming alcohol. You are not permitted to operate a vehicle with a blood alcohol content reading that is more than 0.08%.

Get an Experienced Lawyer for Your DUI Charge

Villani & DeLuca, P.C. is a DUI legal practice in NJ that has years of wide-ranging defense of clients who were accused of driving while intoxicated. Partner Carmine Villani Esq. is a leading lawyer in New Jersey DUI defense. Mr. Villani has been protecting clients from DWI charges since the law firm opened its doors in 1996.

Attorneys With Alcotest® and Breathalyzer Training

Carmine Villani has participated in the same training for administering a breath test as NJ law enforcement. His knowledge of the Breathalyzer and Draeger Alcotest® 7110 gives him a decidedly large leg up on other lawyers. A breath test needs to be administered in an extremely specific way. Otherwise, the results might not be correct, resulting in an illicit DUI charge.

Field Sobriety Test Procedures

Law enforcement is allowed to use the standardized field sobriety test (SFST) on drivers suspected of drunken driving or of being otherwise impaired. A test is only trustworthy if officers follow the precise, standardized method of implementation.

Drug-Related DUI Arrests

If you believe you have been incorrectly accused of driving under the influence of a controlled and dangerous substance, you should take the advice of an attorney who has been trained in drug recognition evaluation. Mr. Villani and his team of DUI lawyers will defend you from these charges by indicating improper procedures used by law enforcement that led to your charges.

Challenging Charges With a New Jersey DUI Lawyer

NJ DWI penalties range in severity depending on several factors, such as BAC level, whether you are a multiple offender and the length of time since a previous DWI conviction. Conviction of a DUI can result in a fine of up to a grand, a suspended license of up to a decade and the installation of a required interlock ignition device during and after license suspension, time in prison and other penalties.
False DUI allegations have been known to happen. If you think that you were charged without reason, look for a DUI law firm that serves Middletown, NJ. Plan your defense with a law firm that understands how to appropriately defend you against DWI charges.

Breath Test Refusal

New Jersey operates under an implied consent law, requiring drivers to submit to a breath test if there is an implication of a drunk driver or driving under the influence of drugs. Refusing to take a breath test carries tough penalties in New Jersey, with a first offense of breath test refusal resulting in a minimum license revocation of seven months. Breath test refusal may even result in a worse outcome than a DUI guilty sentence.
If you were stopped under suspicion of drunken driving, a police officer must have probable cause in order to administer a breath test. If an officer was not willing to find probable cause, you will have a good case to make against your DUI charges.

How DWI Checkpoints Work in NJ

Have you ever been stopped at a DWI checkpoint? You would have been asked to answer questions concerning your identity and home address. But replies to further questions are not required.
The events that occur at a DWI checkpoint leading up to an arrest will have a large influence on the way a trial plays out. Qualified DUI attorneys know how police officers are qualified to handle checkpoints and will enforce a tight defense based on how you were treated.

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