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Marijuana Possession Lawyers in Loch Arbour NJ

Experienced Loch Arbour Marijuana Possession Defense Lawyers Will Protect Your Rights

Marijuana laws in NJ are strict and can result in a variety of fines and other consequences. Possession and distribution penalties vary in harshness, but both kinds of marijuana charges necessitate the assistance of an attorney. If you have been charged with distribution or any other marijuana-related crimes in the state of New Jersey, you need to prepare your case with the help of an experienced law firm serving Loch Arbour. Make sure you know your rights and how to defend yourself against the state with the help of a NJ marijuana defense lawyer.

Have a Better Understanding of NJ Marijuana Charges

Marijuana is a Controlled Dangerous Substance according to NJ, which means that the penalties can be severe. If you have control of over 50 grams of pot on you when you are taken into custody, it will justify felony charges.

Having possession of a heft amount of marijuana will often times end in in charges other than simple possession. If you were taken into custody for possession of a large quantity of marijuana, you will be charged as if you had the intention to sell Your lawyer will work hard to get your distribution charges in Loch Arbour lowered to possession or dismissed.

Experienced NJ Marijuana Possession Lawyers

Since being established in 1996, Villani & DeLuca criminal defense attorneys have fought for the freedoms of clients disputing drug charges, such as marijuana possession and distribution. Carmine Villani, Esq. is a defense attorney with a history in the defense of clients who have to deal with accusations of drug charges. Mr. Villani is a former municipal prosecutor and will implement his background to strengthen your defense, so that it is as strong as possible.

Marijuana Charges and Penalties Our Experienced New Jersey Defense Attorneys Will Fight

{The seriousness of the accusations that can be filed you in the state alter depending on the specifics of your individual case, including the amount of marijuana found on your person, where the arrest occurred and the intent perceived by police and the state.|Marijuana charges can be serious or basically insignificant depending on where the arrest occurred, the weight of marijuana and what the officer who arrested you and the prosecutor believes your intent was (distribution or recreational use).

Possession of Marijuana

Marijuana possession in New Jersey of less than 50 grams can be sentenced with jail terms of up to 6 months and fines that are as high as $1,000. However, the sentence can be as many as 18 months in jail with a max fine of $25,000, when the amount of pot passes 50 grams.

Marijuana Distribution and Intent to Sell Marijuana

Distribution is extremely serious crime in NJ. Distribution of only one ounce of weed or less will earn a prison time of up to 18 months and a fine of $10,000 for a conviction. If you are ruled to be guilty of distribution or the intent to distribute in the first degree, your consequences can be as intense as a twenty-year jail term and a $300,000 fine.

School Zones and Public Parks

A protected zone includes school property like town-operated buildings and vehicles and public parks. A punishment is heightened if the arrest occurred in a protected zone in NJ. Enlist the assistance of a NJ criminal defense attorney if you were arrested and charged with marijuana possession or distribution in a Loch Arbour protected zone.

Medicinal Marijuana

If you have been allowed by the state of New Jersey to participate in medical marijuana, you may be exempt from certain possession charges. However, New Jersey doesn't recognize patients who have been approved to use medical marijuana by other state governments. To become approved for medicinal marijuana in New Jersey, you need to acquire a doctor's validation of a serious illness such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, multiple sclerosis, terminal cancer, muscular dystrophy, inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn's disease or a life threatening illness if the physician has determined a prognosis of less than one year of life.

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