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Divorce Lawyers in Keyport NJ

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Divorce is very common in America today. When walking down the aisle, no one imagines that their relationship is going to end in tears and legal fights. Nonetheless, people divorce.
There are countless situations that need to be resolved before a divorce can become legal, but worrying about it is not going to remedy your situation. Don't spend your time and energy freaking out, hire a Keyport, NJ divorce attorney to represent you. A divorce law firm will look out for your best interests when it comes to finances, guardianship of children and other personal elements.

Regrettably, divorce can be challenging. The end result of your divorce, including assets and earnings can be best achieved with a divorce attorney in Keyport, NJ. Your life after divorce can be better thanks to Villani & DeLuca, P.C.

Seasoned Keyport, NJ Divorce Attorneys Fighting for You

Dealing with divorce can be made much easier with a quality divorce lawyer on your side. Prior to the end stages of divorce, a few important concerns must be resolved. Your terms of divorce can be drastically different depending on the law firm you decide to choose. When you are seeking specific sentences regarding parenting time, division of assets, alimony and spousal support payments, the most efficient method to get results is with an knowledgeable, qualified attorney.

Partner Vincent DeLuca, Esq. is certified as a matrimonial lawyer by the Supreme Court of New Jersey, a distinction held by less than 1% of all attorneys in the state. Mr. DeLuca and the divorce team of Villani & DeLuca have been helping people in Keyport, New Jersey with family law needs since the firm's origin in 1996.
A NJ divorce lawyer needs to be able to represent your welfare both in front of a judge and in front of your spouse's legal counsel. Divorce lawyers from Villani & DeLuca assist clients who would like to pursue, including divorce mediation, child custody and at-fault divorces. Our lawyers are invested in your well-being, so they go the extra mile for you so that your welfare is kept safe during divorce.

Procuring a Divorce in NJ

Usually, people requiring a New Jersey divorce will have to be living in NJ for a minimum of one year before filing. Either spouse may initiate the process, specifying at least a half year of irreconcilable differences. In the absence of irreconcilable differences, the filer is required to show one of the following:
– Having an affair
– Unnatural sexual conduct
– Abandonment (willful and ongoing for at least a year)
– Drug addiction or repeated drinking
– 18-month separation
– Being institutionalized for mental illness for 2+ years
– Extreme cruelty (physical or intellectual cruelty jeopardizing security or welfare of spouse)

Commonplace Divorce Situations

Divorce Mediation

You may receive a court order to seek divorce mediation, or you can select to participate in independent divorce mediation . Couples considering divorce mediation engage in a neutral environment, with an impartial unaffiliated individual leading the divorce process between partners. Considerations are met by working side-by-side to find a mutually agreed upon resolution for both spouses. A settlement by using divorce mediation is typically more advantageous for both parties than a unilateral decision by the court.

Collaborative Divorce

A collaborative divorce provides an alternate means to come to a resolution with their spouse. These types of divorces are negotiated out of court and both parties engage to create a mutually beneficial and agreed upon resolution. This type of divorce is unable to get results for all couples, but when couples are able to, it minimizes adverse consequences on children and involved parties, while controlling expenses and keeping interactions well-mannered and productive.

Child Custody

Child custody is an extremely delicate process, but a good divorce and child custody lawyer will be practiced at enabling ideal outcomes for a client. The well being of your child is the focal point of family court negotiations. Your attorney will prioritize you and your children during litigation. It's never painless, but child custody disputes are by far some of the most important issues of many divorces in New Jersey.

Alimony or Spousal Support

Financial concerns are continually a gigantic component of divorce. By using alimony, each partner is ideally positioned to uphold a lifestyle much the same as what was usual during the marriage. Spousal support can be extended to a spouse in order to prevent considerable sacrifices being made on one side, as an immediate product of divorce. According to N.J.S.A. 2A:34-23(b), spousal support payments are based on the length of your marriage, your age and education and ability to acquire new wealth.

Child Support

An experienced divorce attorney can guide you through child support negotiations. Your lawyer will help you to fully comprehend how child support regulations work.
You need a divorce lawyer who has your back when attempting to secure child support. A divorce can be challenging on children, but your divorce attorney can help ease the pressure off of you so you can concentrate on your children.

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