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DWI Lawyers in Howell NJ

Charged With Drunk Driving? A NJ DUI Lawyer Will Help

New Jersey takes drunk driving seriously. A DUI or DWI charge can end up meaning substantial repercussions and penalties. If you or someone you know have been accused of DUI, you should have security. A qualified Howell, New Jersey DUI attorney can assist you with the best possible legal strategy.
Villani & DeLuca will fight on your behalf to protect you from an unnecessary sentence. Lawyers from Villani & DeLuca are qualified to spot inappropriate procedure of law enforcement. A capable DWI attorney is your best shot at beating charges in NJ.

Understanding NJ DWI and DUI Regulations

Any blood alcohol concentration (BAC) reading of 0.08% in New Jersey will end in a charge of DWI for a person driving in NJ. A driver will need to take a field sobriety test if law enforcement has probable cause to implement one. If an officer has reasonable cause, an officer can ask the driver to take the Alcotest®, which is non-negotiable.

New Jersey Lawyers Trained in DWI Law

Need help fighting a DUI in NJ? Ask partner Carmine Villani, Esq. to create your defense. Mr. Villani has been fighting DWI charges with Villani & DeLuca since 1996 and is a member of the National College of DWI Defense. He and the DWI lawyers at Villani & DeLuca will work to have your charges reduced significantly or dropped entirely.

Practiced in Alcotest® and Breathalyzer

If a breath test is not managed properly, reading may be inaccurate. Carmine Villani is qualified to recognize incorrect procedure. He has had the same training as New Jersey law enforcement and will notice poor administration of a breath test by carefully reviewing official police procedures, machine calibration and maintenance standards.

Standardized Field Sobriety Testing

A field sobriety test would not be the only evidence used to ascertain if somebody was inebriated beyond the legal limit. But, it can provide reasonable cause for a police officer, which requires the implementation of a blood alcohol test. Mistakes do occur despite training to administer standardized field sobriety testing. If the test is done improperly, it can disprove the readings of a breath test and lead to charges being lessened.

Drug Recognition Evaluation

The number of drug-related driving detentions are on the rise in NJ. If you were arrested on suspicion of DUI, getting a lawyer educated in drug recognition evaluation (DRE) is imperative to your case. Mr. Villani is intimately familiar with the proper procedure of the DRE and will use any wrong steps taken by law enforcement to help your case.

Charges and Penalties New Jersey DWI Lawyers Will Challenge

The penalties linked to DUI are not small. License revocations can last for up to 10 years and fines can hit $1,000 dollars. Larger DUI fines and penalties take place if you have been previously convicted for driving while intoxicated.
Were you falsely accused of DWI in Howell, New Jersey? Inaccurate BAC readings occur due to various factors. If you believe you were falsely accused, hire Villani & DeLuca to begin fighting for you today.

Breath Test Refusal

New Jersey operates under an implied consent law, requiring drivers to submit to a breath test if there is suspicion of drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs. If a refusal does take place, you will be charged with breath test refusal and your license will be revoked for a minimum of seven months. Breath test refusal may even end in a poorer outcome than a DWI guilty sentence.
Probable cause has to be established by a police officer prior to a breath test can be implemented. An experienced DWI attorney can help evaluate whether probable cause was founded or determine whether mitigating circumstances, such as a medical condition played a function in your refusal.

DWI Checkpoints

Did law enforcement recently stop your vehicle at a DUI checkpoint? You would have been required to answer questions concerning your identity and home address. If they asked you additional questions, you did not have to answer.
The events that transpire at a DWI checkpoint leading up to an arrest will have a big impact on the way a trial occurs. A qualified attorney will be able to inform you whether you were treated properly at a DUI road block.

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