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A great marriage can still turn south. Couples cheat. Money, kids, personal goals and other desires appear as the years go by and people grow unhappy. The key thing is that, if your marriage ends, you put a strategy in position to secure your interests now.
The road to divorce is a tragic, harrowing process. If you have arrived at a crossroad and feel divorce is your only option, then more than likely you have already gone through a lot. A divorce attorney in Howell, NJ can make your life easier by shielding your legal rights.

Unfortunately, divorce can be complicated. The ruling on your divorce, including real estate and money can be better facilitated with a divorce lawyer in Howell, NJ. Your life after divorce can be better thanks to Villani & DeLuca, P.C.

Knowledgeable Howell, NJ Divorce Attorneys Fighting for You

A top notch divorce attorney will have the ability to position your case throughout the total process. Every couple has a few defined aspects of marriage that need to be handled before your divorce can be a thing of the past. Getting the right divorce attorney with you will improve your chances of receiving a fair settlement. Whether your goals involve parenting time, property disposal, alimony and spousal support payments, your smartest path to get results is with an skilled, family law attorney.

Partner Vincent DeLuca, Esq. is certified as a matrimonial lawyer by the Supreme Court of New Jersey, a distinction held by less than 1% of all attorneys in the state. From the mid-90s through today, our divorce law team has worked to assist people in communities such as Howell and the rest of New Jersey.
Find a divorce attorney who represents clients struggling with every kind of divorce. Progressive tactics like collaborative divorce and mediation will assist to finalize your divorce quickly and easily. Collaborative or mediated divorces are not always feasible when the situation is more complex and requires courtroom litigation. For instance, situations involving domestic abuse or cruelty, or extremely contentious child support and custody battles. In these cases Villani & DeLuca has the court room experience to get you the ruling you deserve.

Getting a Divorce in NJ

Most divorcing couples in NJ must have lived here for at least a year before the courts say they are able to file. You or your spouse can file for a divorce if there are differences that cannot be reconciled. With irreconcilable differences, one of a number of occurrences must be evident:
– Cheating
– Deviant sexual behavior
– Abandonment (voluntary and sustained for at least a year)
– Drug addiction or frequent drinking
– 18-month separation
– Being institutionalized for mental illness for more than 2 years
– Severe cruelty (physical or emotional cruelty endangering safety or welfare of spouse)

Standard Divorce Circumstances

Divorce Mediation

You may receive a court order to obtain divorce mediation, or you can choose to undergo divorce mediation proactively . Husbands and wives considering divorce mediation interact in a non-adversarial setting, with an unbiased unaffiliated member controlling the divorce process between divorcing pairs. Considerations are found by working side-by-side to find a mutually agreed upon option for both spouses. A resolution reached by using divorce mediation can generally be more desirable for the two sides than a court ordered verdict.

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is still another great choice for couples that are still able to engage politely and with respect. These types of divorces are kept without influence from a judge and both individuals interact with each other to outline a mutually beneficial and agreed upon resolution. It's not right for all couples, but it can be a relatively positive experience for partners who have agreed to go their separate ways.

Child Custody

Child custody is a particularly delicate undertaking, but a reliable family practice lawyer will be practiced at facilitating ideal results for a client. The well being of your children are the focal point of family court negotiations. Your lawyer will prioritize you and your kids during litigation. Negotiating the complex parenting time and custody issues involved with a divorce can be one of the most sore and emotionally difficult topics for a client.

Alimony or Spousal Support

A monetary settlement by means of spousal support may be obligatory if you or your spouse earns tremendously more money than the other. By using alimony, each partner is ideally positioned to maintain a lifestyle much the same as what was expected during the marriage. Spousal support can be provided to a spouse in order to restrict major compromises being made on one side, as a direct outcome of divorce. According to N.J.S.A. 2A:34-23(b), spousal support payments are based on the length of your marriage, your age and education and ability to acquire new wealth.

Child Support

In NJ, child support payments are calculated based on a specific percent of both parents' gross incomes. The formula will vary dependent on whether a parent has sole or joint-custody of the child. There are many other criteria that can shape child support determination, including who pays for medical insurance, the number of nights each child spends with each parent, income potential, and most especially, the specific requirements of the child.
If you are seeking child support–or if you are delinquent on a few child support payments — you need a divorce lawyer who you can have confidence in. A divorce can be tough on children, but your family law attorney can help take the stress off of you so you can concentrate on your loved ones.

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