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Criminal Defense Lawyers in Freehold NJ

Seasoned Criminal Defense Lawyers in Freehold, New Jersey Protect Your Rights

Are you being accused of a criminal offense in Freehold? If you have, you have to undergo the right steps to shield yourself. You should not lose any time before picking a criminal defense lawyer in NJ.

Villani & DeLuca, P.C. is a knowledgeable firm that can aid with both criminal and disorderly persons charges, and battle to get your charges lightened or repealed entirely. Our multiple years fighting for clients in Freehold, New Jersey has given us a head start and provides you with a huge advantage.
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Protect Your Rights, Go With New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorneys

You should have a lawyer with you who has a prior track record of protecting clients in Freehold from similar charges. Villani & DeLuca is always prepared to begin working on your strategy, any time of day, 365 days a year. Receive representation from a law firm that won't stop working until everything has been resolved.

Your legal plan needs to be strong and carefully thought out. Villani & DeLuca will fight back against the accusations you are facing, in order to give you the best chance at getting a fresh start in life. A cookie-cutter defense strategy for every case won't work – our lawyers will tactically enforce a defense grounded in the details of your case.

Villani & DeLuca Criminal Defense Lawyers Will …

• Help you with the protection of the freedoms given to you by the state and make sure that you don't implicate yourself during questioning by authorities
• Help you negotiate for fair bail and bond
• Set up plea bargains and negotiate for fewer charges with the state
• Protect your criminal case in court if it needs to go to a trial
• Help you expunge your criminal record if possible
• Bring relevant factors to the attention of the judge at a sentencing

You Deserve a Criminal Defense Attorney With the Experience to Get Results

The criminal law lawyers at our practice are very acquainted with the inner workings of the judicial process in all levels of the NJ court system, such as local, municipal and the county Superior courts. Our law firm opened in 1996 and has been protecting the rights of people charged with crime in New Jersey ever since.
Our capable criminal lawyers like Partner Carmine Villani, Esq. and Associate Timothy L. Horn, Esq. have been shielding defendants from unjust claims and criminal charges for years. Carmine Villani has been working in the criminal law sector of NJ as a former prosecutor and public defender in Ocean and Monmouth Counties. Before joining Villani & DeLuca, Mr. Horn served as a law clerk in the Superior Court of New Jersey, Ocean County Vicinage, Criminal Division.
You should be aware of your rights, and one of the most effective ways to make sure you do is through the guidance and legal assistance of a New Jersey criminal defense attorney. Our skilled team of criminal defense attorneys will inform you of your rights in order to foster informed decisions. Our target coincides with yours: to have your charges reduced or dropped.
Receive the help you need from Freehold attorneys to win your case such as:
• Drug crimes – Marijuana possession, possession of heroin, intent to distribute, possession of controlled dangerous substances (CDS)
• Simple or Aggravated Assault
• Domestic violence
• Underage drinking and fake IDs
• Burglary
• Trespassing and loitering
• Disorderly persons
• Juvenile offenses
Were you arrested and charged with a criminal offense in New Jersey? You should have the law firm of Villani & DeLuca on your side.

Don't Hesitate, Call Villani & DeLuca Before It's Too Late

Relevant legal experience is a precious commodity that you need to take seriously if you have been charged with a crime. Because of our many years fighting criminal charges, we have a good understanding what works best and how to help you achieve the results you need. Contact us today or give us a call at (732) 709-7757.

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