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Child Custody Lawyers in Freehold NJ

Experienced Freehold, NJ Child Custody Lawyers for Your Family Law Needs

Settling child custody is always a highly emotional part of divorce cases for families. Every family dynamic is distinct, and discovering a family law practice that services Freehold, New Jersey and works hard for you – and the best interests of your children – is vital. As complicated as divorce can be on parents, it is frequently scarier and more confusing for the child.
Child custody contests ought to be solved through a knowledgeable divorce practice. Guarding your children is your number-one concern, and a divorce attorney can help you attain your objectives.

Experienced, Custody Lawyers Put Your Children First

Are you coping with the anxiety of a child custody dispute in Freehold, NJ? Villani & DeLuca, P.C. can help you handle your custody dispute and ease your worries at this pivotal juncture.

We support both sides in a child custody battle, from parents to grandfathers and grandmothers to other relevant adults searching for child custody. We will help you control your custody combat in the following ways:

  • Legal and physical custody
  • Joint custody, sole custody, visitation rights, and supervised visitations
  • Evaluations of custody
  • Grandparents rights and grandparent custody and visitation
  • Interstate and intrastate child removal and jurisdictional issues
  • Parenting plans and modifications and co-parenting issues
  • Dissolution of legal partnerships
  • Separation agreements
  • Collaborative divorces

Vincent DeLuca is certified by the Supreme Court of NJ as a matrimonial law attorney. He is one of a limited group of Ocean County legal professionals to possess this distinction, which is exclusively given to lawyers with years of working in matrimonial law. Our attorneys stay up-to-date with the latest legal practices and laws in order to represent clients effectively.

Issues Influencing Custody Cases in New Jersey Courts

An intense custody battle will take into account many hot-button concerns. Your custody lawyers will consider several influencing factors, such as the parents' relationship, the child's relationship to his/her parent, the time period each guardian spends working or can't be home, whether there suspected child abuse, medical or psychological issues, history of unreliability, parental ways of life and the age of the child.
We are a proponent of bringing in unbiased divorce mediators to help expedite your custody proceedings. A resolution can be made with the help of divorce mediators in Freehold, New Jersey, working alongside a Villani & DeLuca lawyer so that your goals are satisfied. If you already have a NJ custody lawyer, you can even use the services of a Villani & DeLuca divorce mediator for your guardianship disagreements.

If both spouses cannot reach an agreement, a NJ Family Court judge will hand down a ruling, based on the case presented by both family law attorneys. In these circumstances, standing with an experienced custody and divorce attorney can influence whether you see your children sporadically, on alternate weekends or full-time. Your rapport with your child is too meaningful to risk on an unproven lawyer. Consider the legal team at Villani & DeLuca to stand for you.

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