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DWI Lawyers in Englishtown NJ

Charged With DWI? Get Help From a DUI Attorney

NJ takes driving under the influence seriously. The the penalties for a conviction for DWI or DUI can be intense. You need to get legal advice if you or a loved one was recently charged with DWI or DUI. A strong legal defense designed by a New Jersey DWI attorney will give you the best opportunity.
In the event of a charge for driving under the influence, lawyers from Villani & DeLuca can help. The complex law of DUI should just be handled by a lawyer with the right background. New Jersey DWI lawyers can enhance the outlook of your DWI trial.

What are the DUI laws in New Jersey?

If a police officer thinks that someone who has been pulled over is beyond the legal limit, they may test the individual through a standardized field sobriety test (SFST and a blood alcohol percentage of 0.08% or above. Someone that has a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) percentage of 0.08% or higher is considered legally intoxicated in the state of New Jersey and if pulled over while driving, will be charged with a DUI charge.

New Jersey Attorneys Trained in DWI Law

Defense lawyers from Villani & DeLuca have been protecting clients from illicit DUI charges for years. Partner and founding member of Villani & DeLuca, Carmine Villani, Esq. will make sure you develop a case against the charges thanks to his history of handling DWI charges in NJ. Mr. Villani has been protecting clients from DWI charges since Villani & DeLuca opened its doors in 1996.

Alcotest® and Breathalyzer Training

The Draeger Alcotest® 7110 and Breathalyzer devices need to be performed according to guidelines set by the state in order to create exact readings and be considered admissible in court. Mr. Villani concentrates on the assessment of these procedures. Thanks to the same training that NJ police officers receive for breath tests, Mr. Villani will take note of police procedures, machine calibration and the maintenance of the instruments in order to create a better legal strategy for you.

Standardized Field Sobriety Testing

Police are authorized to use the standardized field sobriety test (SFST) on people suspected of drunken driving or of having other substance-related impairments. These tests are only admissible if they follow the exact, standardized method of implementation.

Drug-Related DUI Arrests

If you think you have been incorrectly accused of driving under the influence of illegal drugs, you need the advice of an attorney who has been trained in drug recognition evaluation. Villani & DeLuca DUI lawyers are experienced in the drug recognition evaluation that is used by police officers in the field, and they will look closely at whether the procedure was not executed properly.

How to Fight Charges With a Lawyer

If you are convicted of driving while intoxicated, you will face the suspension of a license as well as a maximum fine of $1,000. You may also be required to drive with an interlock ignition device once your license is reissued. Your blood alcohol level and number of DWI arrests will factor greatly in the sentencing.
Were you incorrectly accused of DWI in Englishtown, New Jersey? Inaccurate BAC readings occur due to many different factors. Villani & DeLuca will pursue a strategy that focuses on procedure by officers and malfunctioning equipment readings if you believe you were wrongly charged.

Breath Test Refusal

You are legally not allowed to refuse a breath test in New Jersey. If you do not accept the Alcotest®, you will be taken into custody and charged with refusal. Refusal charges in New Jersey can even outweigh the charges that result when you are convicted of a DWI.
Probable cause has to be proven by a police officer prior to a breath test can be administered. Your Villani & DeLuca DUI attorney will be able to show whether probable cause was actually established and if a medical issue stopped you from participating in a breath test.

DWI Checkpoints

Have you ever been stopped at a DUI checkpoint? You would have been asked to answer questions concerning your identity and home address. But replies to further questions are not required.
If an officer mistreats you or acts outside of the law at a DWI road block, you can dispute any charges you may be facing. The law requires officers to treat drivers in a certain way.

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