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Marijuana Possession Lawyers in Eatontown NJ

Experienced Eatontown Marijuana Distribution and Possession Defense Lawyers

Marijuana laws in NJ are strict and may result in a variety of penalties and punishments. The state relies on strict drug laws to prosecute defendants for charges like the possession, distribution and growing of weed. If you were charged with possession or any other marijuana-related crimes in the state of New Jersey, you should strengthen your case with the help of a qualified law firm serving Eatontown. NJ criminal defense lawyers will fight to protect your freedoms and protest pot-related charges.

Understand the Law, Evade Marijuana Charges in NJ

In accordance with New Jersey law, marijuana is referred to as a Controlled Dangerous Substance. The amount of marijuana you had in your possession will affect the consequences you can face. If you possess fewer than 50 grams of marijuana at the time of custody, you may be charged with a disorderly persons offense. But, possession of a weight of marijuana more than 50 grams is filed as a felony.

Even if you are arrested with a comparatively insignificant amount of pot in your possession, you can still get charged with intent to distribute. The state will occasionally pursue charges for the intent to distribute, which is treated the equivalent of being arrested in the process of physically selling marijuana. Distribution and the intent to sell allow much more intense consequences than possession. You need to build a solid defense with an experienced Eatontown, NJ marijuana law firm to ensure your charges don't become more than just possession.

NJ Criminal Defense Lawyers With a Background Disputing Marijuana Charges

The attorneys of Villani & DeLuca have been arguing marijuana-related crime accusations in NJ since the law firm opened its doors in 1996. Partner Carmine Villani, Esq. has been representing clients since 1992 and concentrates on protecting clients from criminal offenses like possession and distribution of pot. Mr. Villani is a former municipal prosecutor and will use his background to bolster your case, so that it is as strong as possible.

Marijuana Charges and Penalties Our Qualified New Jersey Defense Lawyers Will Dispute

{The seriousness of the charges that can be brought against you in the state differ depending on the specifics of your arrest, such as the amount of marijuana found on your person, the location of your arrest and the intent perceived by police and the state.|Were you taken into custody for a large amount of pot in your possession? Dependent upon the unique situation of , including type of drug packaging, presence of drug paraphernalia, and quantities of marijuana, police may decide to book you for the distribution instead of just possession.

Possession of Marijuana

Possession of 50 grams or fewer of marijuana can present you with a prison sentence of up to six months and a $1,000 fine. In NJ, possession of 50+ grams of marijuana may result in an 18-month prison sentence and a maximum fine of $25,000.

Marijuana Distribution and Intent to Distribute

Marijuana distribution may be a felony, but fines and punishments vary. First degree marijuana distribution charges that end in a conviction are so strict that the person convicted can receive twenty years incarceration and a maximum fine that reaches up to $300,000.

School Zones and Public Parks

An arrest in a protected zone escalates a lesser penalty into a more severe one. These protected zones include public parks and school zones. A school zone actually extends 1,000 feet from designated buildings owned by the school district. Increased charges will still occur even if school is not in session and no minors are in the vicinity. If you are arrested in a school zone and charged with distribution or the intent to distribute, a prison sentence of at least three years without parole can apply. But, you could still be able to fight your charges, with the help of a marijuana lawyer.

Medicinal Marijuana

Some people are permitted to use medical marijuana in NJ. But, if you are from another state, don't think that your medicinal marijuana card is accepted in New Jersey. Only grim health conditions or a terminal illness may substantiate a medical marijuana allowance in NJ.

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