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Heroin Possession Lawyers in Aberdeen NJ

New Jersey Heroin Possession Defense Lawyers Will Fight For You

There is a heroin epidemic in New Jersey. The upsurge of heroin distribution has resulted in progressively stiffer heroin laws in NJ.

With large volumes of heroin flowing into the NJ streets, heroin has become easier to afford and more deadly. Heroin in New Jersey ends up being a higher grade than typical heroin supplies across the US. Both of these elements lead to a dangerous mixture that is encouraging heroin habits.
With the increase in heroin offenses, heroin-related convictions have also risen. In spite of this escalating predicament, a heroin arrest doesn't need to be a guilty verdict. Drug users and distributors must be given the chance to defend themselves with the assistance of criminal defense attorneys serving places like Aberdeen, New Jersey.
Speak with Villani & DeLuca criminal defense attorneys to get legal guidance if you are up on drug charges in Aberdeen, NJ for heroin possession or intent to distribute heroin.

Heroin Arrests According to New Jersey Law (N.J.S.A 2C:35-10)

Treated as a Schedule 1 CDS according to New Jersey law, possession of heroin is officially a 3rd degree offense. A heroin possession conviction can mean a 5 year imprisonment sentence and a fine of up to $35,000.
Have you developed an addiction to heroin in NJ? Heroin is destroying the well-being of many teenagers and young adults in New Jersey yearly. If you are a heroin addict and picked up for a crime, contact a NJ heroin attorney for assistance.

NJ Heroin Possession Lawyers with Extensive Experience

Partner Carmine Villani, Esq. has been defending clients for drug possession and distribution crimes since Villani & DeLuca opened in 1996. As a past criminal prosecutor, Mr. Villani has experience on both sides of the court (defense and prosecution), which can be leveraged to help your legal strategy.

Protect Yourself from These Serious Heroin Charges

You cannot afford to face heroin charges and the resulting sentence without support from an experienced attorney. Heroin charges on your criminal record can also severely limit your employment opportunities in the years to come. Your future prospects in general can be much more rewarding if you can decrease the charges.
The individual variables of your charge can influence the final result of your trial. Whether you are charged with possession or distribution is partially dependent upon the quantity of heroin in your possession when you are caught. You may also have an issue if you were found distributing heroin in an official school zone.

Simple Heroin Possession in New Jersey

If you have been picked up for possession of heroin, prison is not inevitable. A first offense may result in a Pretrial Intervention (PTI) if your counsel thinks you qualify. A drug attorney may also be able to fight charges based on an infringement of your rights.
You do not need to be in possession of a very large amount of heroin for an arrest to result in intent to distribute charges. Your potential fines and prison terms are much greater if you have been charged with selling (or the intent to distribute.

Heroin Distribution and Intent to Distribute Laws in New Jersey

Heroin distribution is no different than intent to distribute in the eyes of NJ drug laws. Third degree heroin distribution involves less than 0.5 ounces of heroin, while weights of more than five ounces count as a crime in the first degree. If you are convicted of heroin distribution in the first degree, you can end up with a prison term of10 to 20 years with a fine that reaches half a millions dollars.

Heroin Distribution and Possession in or Near a School Zone

Potential sentences are increased substantially when the wrongdoing occurs in or near a school zone, which includes school buses and encompasses areas up to 1,000 feet from the building or vehicle. If you are caught in possession of heroin in a designated school zone, there is a fixed prison sentence with fines of up to $150,000 if convicted. Hiring the services of a knowledgeable drug crimes attorney is essential for heroin-related arrests within school zones.

Safeguard Your Future from a Heroin Conviction

Drug charges like heroin possession or distribution do not need to be the end of your life as you know it. You can get your life back with a smart defense from a criminal defense attorney dedicated to protecting your rights. Charges may be eliminated or decreased with a strong defense.
Probable cause is required to search your property, without which a policeman is restricted in what he may search. A heroin attorney will inform you based on your individual arrest.
Conditional discharge is a helpful solution for many first-time offenders of heroin possession. You will be placed on probation and your criminal record will remain unrevised.

Pretrial Intervention (PTI). The rehabilitation program promotes recovery rather than incarceration and permits defendants to undergo drug treatment therapy to ward off further drug-related crimes and arrests in NJ.

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