Neptune City Divorce Lawyer

Neptune City Divorce Lawyer

Neptune City Divorce Lawyer

Neptune City is a borough of approximately 4,800 residents, located in southeast Monmouth County.  It is a separate municipality from Neptune Township, with its own comprehensive public school system.  In addition to a major community center, Neptune City has four parks, including Memorial Park which is located along the Shark River.  The borough is also known as the hometown of famous film actor, Jack Nicholson.  Residents seeking information on divorce procedures can sign up for one of the divorce seminars offered by the Monmouth Vicinage in Freehold.  These seminars provide excellent information on how to file for divorce, and what spouses can expect at a divorce hearing.  However, individual cases cannot be discussed at these seminars, so you will need to consult a family law attorney for legal advice.  A full understanding of your rights and divorce options is critical to protecting your interests long into the future.

Neptune City Lawyers Experienced with Handling Divorce Settlements

New Jersey courts require couples going through divorce to enter a phase of non-binding mediation, a process by which attorneys act as mediators and attempt to assist both parties outline their positions and work out a settlement agreement.

This process is known as the Early Settlement Panel (ESP). Attorneys for both sides discuss with the panelists how they believe the case should pan out, with particular attention paid to dividing marital property. Through this panel, couples can work through a whole slew of divorce-related ancillary issues, such as the amount of alimony to be paid to the receiving spouse, child support, custody, etc.

These decisions are non-binding: this process is merely there to help parties create a rudimentary settlement type of agreement. However, if the parties agree to the panelists’ recommendations, this can go on record that same day, cutting down on time and money that both sides have to sit and fight and get nowhere in their settlement discussions.

Can Cohabitation with a New Partner Reduce Alimony in Neptune?

Usually, after a marriage is over, when one parties remarries and is the recipient of alimony, unless the parties have agreed otherwise, alimony will terminate. The policy behind this is that the new spouse and the former recipient of alimony no longer have a need for alimony payments because he or she is now commingling funds with a new partner, and that new economic union should provide sufficiently for the newly married party.

The gray area regarding alimony payments is that of cohabitation with new partners. Family Part judges may consider cohabitation (along with any relevant factor), in the upward or downward modification of alimony. Mere cohabitation will likely not cut it, however. Moving forward in this day and age more and more couples probably find themselves in situations such as these.

Neptune City Visitation Lawyers

Children make divorces even harder than they need to be. When they are involved in a divorce, custody battles can and do take place, which puts New Jersey Family Courts in charge of deciding on a workable custody arrangement. Parties must also come up with a visitation plan or schedule.

Courts tend to defer to any agreement that the parents have come to, however, when there is no mutual decision reached between the parents, the judge may refer this case to a specially trained professional who aims to create solutions to custody and visitation issues surrounding a divorce. When successful, the court can save time and money by filing that agreement that same day.

Neptune City, NJ Family Law Attorneys

Your divorce does not need to be the dreaded nightmare that some believe it to be. The best way to avoid the headaches of a nasty divorce is by retaining divorce attorneys that you can trust. Whether it is calculating alimony or even participating in collaborative divorce, our clients in Neptune City can rest assured knowing that an attorney from Villani & DeLuca is handling their divorce-related matters. It is important to call our office at (732) 965-3350 for your free consultation so that someone can begin your case right away.