Deal Divorce Lawyer

Deal Divorce LawyerDeal Divorce Lawyer

The borough of Deal is situated along the coast of central Monmouth County, just minutes away from Long Branch and Asbury Park.  Deal is a small, sparsely populated community with just 750 residents living within 1.318 square miles.  The borough is known for its significant population of Orthodox Jews, mainly of Syrian heritage.  Many laws within the Orthodox Jewish community are based on religious beliefs, which can often come into conflict with existing state and municipal laws.  For example, the Orthodox Jewish community will not recognize a divorce without the issuance of a religious document known as a “get”.  However, a get or any other form of religious divorce cannot serve as a substitute for a civil divorce under New Jersey laws.  Even without religious complications, you should seek legal advice from an experienced family law attorney on key issues such as as child custody, alimony and financial liabilities.

Collaborative Divorce Attorney in Deal

Although a divorce can bring out the worst in a couple, it is in your best interest to work as a team in the dissolution of your marriage. Collaborative divorce emphasizes the goal of expressing one’s needs and feelings in a safe, friendly environment. By working together with your spouse, you can agree on a settlement that is fair to both sides, rather than relying on a judge’s final decision. Collaborative divorce can be emotionally healing, and also save you time and money.

The children’s emotional well-being is a major factor in collaborative divorce, which is why a spirit of friendship and team work is encouraged at all times. Since children are often traumatized by the changes brought on by divorce, you may want to consider hiring a mental health practitioner for counseling purposes.

Before you file for divorce, consider seeking advice from a Deal borough collaborative divorce attorney. An attorney can help you and your spouse work through issues such as financial support, child custody and equitable distribution.

Filing for Divorce in Deal, NJ

If you and your spouse cannot settle on a divorce agreement, you may have no choice but to file a divorce complaint with the county court. Residents of Deal would file their complaint at the Family Division of the Monmouth Vicinage. The Family Division handles all docket types pertaining to family law, such as Dissolution/Divorce, Juvenile Delinquency, Domestic Violence and Restraining Orders.

A divorce filing involves numerous forms that address many issues to be resolved prior to the dissolution of a marriage.  There are also guidelines pertaining to whether or not you are eligible to divorce, based on if you are filing for a “no-fault” or “fault” divorce. Due to the complexities of a divorce filing, it is recommended that you seek assistance from a knowledgeable Deal divorce attorney. Your lawyer can also assist you with requests for financial assistance and child custody or visitation arrangements.

Deal Visitation Lawyer

In most cases, a non-custodial parent is entitled to visitation or parenting time with their child. In many cases, the concept of “non-custodial” simply means that your child does not live with you.  However, you and your ex-spouse share joint custody when it comes to child care and important decisions such as healthcare and schooling. Usually, a parent is only denied custodial or visitation rights if the court believes that he or she is a threat to the child. The terms of visitation can also be altered depending on the parent of child’s circumstances.

Although you have a constitutional right to visit with your child by New Jersey law, it may be difficult to work out a fair schedule with your spouse. An experienced Deal visitation lawyer can help negotiate parenting time through mediation or a court filing. If at all possible, your lawyer will attempt to set up mediation, since a court hearing can be expensive and time consuming.

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