Aberdeen Divorce Lawyer

Aberdeen Divorce Lawyer

Aberdeen Divorce Lawyer

Aberdeen Township is a suburban community spanning 7.774 square miles in northwest Monmouth County.  The township borders 6 municipalities: Matawan, Marlborough, Holmdel, Hazlet and Keyport in Monmouth County, and Old Bridge in Middlesex County.  Notable landmarks include the Henry Hudson Trail, a 24-mile long multi-use trail popular with joggers and bikers.  Aberdeen couples considering divorce have numerous options in addition to a traditional divorce trial.  An experienced divorce attorney can help you explore litigation alternatives, including mediation and collaborative divorce.  You may also have martial assets such as retirement accounts, which require complex calculations before they can be divided.  You should also have an attorney review any proposed divorce settlements to ensure that your interests are protected.

Aberdeen Township Collaborative Divorce Lawyers

Considered a more peaceful divorce, collaborative divorce can be the better alternative to the traditional divorce as most know it. Whereas a judge makes the final decisions in traditional divorces, collaborative divorce allows the parties to identify the specific and unique needs of the family, offering solutions that are both just and fair during a time when little seems successful.

The success behind each collaborative divorce is the agreement to not file formal complaints for divorce, keeping the entire dispute out of the auspices of a courtroom. More than just an alternative, it is a respectable commitment to the family to amicably resolve the family-related issues surrounding a divorce. Aberdeen couples seeking a divorce should look no further than Villani & DeLuca to amicably handle their divorces by seeking the assistance of one of our experienced collaborative divorce lawyers.

Can Alimony Payments be Reduced or Terminated upon a Showing of Marital Misconduct?

In order to consider marital fault, a court must be persuaded that the misconduct of one spouse arose to a level that is egregious. What is “egregious?” To be egregious, the misconduct must have affected the economic life of the parties in such a way that disruption of the economic ties of the parties would be the most just result because the misconduct of one spouse deprived the other of the economic benefits of marriage.

Some examples of where marital misconduct does have an effect on the payment of alimony are the following: adultery, but only when the adulterous behavior negatively affected the financial situation of the couple; a conviction of either murder, manslaughter, aggravated assault or any other similar crimes that resulted in the death or serious bodily harm of either spouse’s family member; a conviction of attempted murder or conspiracy to murder,  where the intended victim is the other spouse; etc. Because of the intricacies of marital fault and how it affects alimony, it is important that Aberdeen clients seek legal assistance from an experienced Villani & DeLuca divorce lawyer.

Marital Misconduct and Domestic Violence

Of course, if misconduct manifests itself in domestic violence, then a restraining order may be the appropriate solution. Determinations of domestic violence are often difficult to make by the court, as it can be an evidentiary nightmare to prove what has actually transpired between the couple, and can sometimes lead to a “he-said, she-said” dispute. You can trust that one of our attorneys will help you if there are domestic violence allegations underlying your pending Aberdeen, NJ divorce.

Aberdeen Township Divorce Attorneys

Our staff is ready and waiting to take your calls regarding your specific divorce and other family law related needs. The attorneys at Villani & Deluca are experienced and more than capable of adequately handling your case in an efficient and diligent manner. When it comes to tough issues regarding your divorce, you can trust in our attorneys to get the job done. Call us at (732) 965-3350 so we can get started with the particulars surrounding your case.