Monmouth County Divorce Lawyer

The following pages list Monmouth County divorce and family law services provided by Villani & DeLuca P.C. in each municipality in Monmouth County, NJ. These services include divorce, collaborative law, mediation and other services.

Monmouth County Family Court

NJ Restraining Order LawyerThe Monmouth County Family Court, located within the Monmouth County Superior Court in Freehold, focuses on resolving disputes that arise within families. The main focus of this division of the court is to look out for the best interest of any children involved. This division of the Monmouth County court does not ignore the root of the issues which may cause a family to seek court as the option to lead to resolution. The Monmouth County Family Court consists of the Family Division Presiding Judge, Family Division Manager, two Assistant Division Managers, eleven team leaders and support staff.

The Monmouth County Family Court has eleven different docket types. The docket types are Contested Adoptions (FA), Kinship Guardianship (FL), Child Placement Review (FC), Termination of Parental Rights (FG), Abuse and Neglect (FN), Family Crisis (FF), Juvenile Delinquency (FJ), Violations of Restraining Orders (FO), Domestic Violence (FV), Non-Dissolution (FD), and Dissolution/Divorce (FM). The Family Division of Monmouth County Court handles all situations that arise related to divorce, custody, restraining orders, parental rights and guardianship. The Monmouth County Courthouse is located at 71 Monument Park in Freehold, New Jersey. You can find the Family Division on the lower level in the south wing of the courthouse.

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Villani & DeLuca is a very experienced law firm when it comes to any matters in the Monmouth County Family Court. Situations related to family court can be draining and take a toll on any person or family. This puts the need for court tested attorneys at a premium. Villani & DeLuca attorneys are sensitive to all aspects of the family court experience and look forward to guiding all parties involved in the right direction. If you are a Monmouth County resident looking for divorce help from attorneys with strong backgrounds in family law and experience in the Monmouth County Family Court, contact Villani & DeLuca at (732) 965-3350 today.