New Domestic Violence Law Following Ray Rice Scandal

New proposed legislation in Monmouth and Camden Counties could change the way domestic violence cases are handled in New Jersey. State Assemblywoman Carolina Casagrande of Monmouth County has proposed a bill in response to former Rutgers football star Ray Rice, who was suspended by the NFL for assaulting his wife, not receiving prison time.

The proposed bill (A3801) would create specific courts dedicated to hearing domestic violence cases in NJ. If approved, the bill would establish a three-year pilot program in Monmouth and Camden Counties. Assemblywoman Pamela Lampitt of Camden County also backs the bill.

“Right now, as it stands, we have these victims going into a courtroom where the people have minimal training,” Casagrande told “Also, they’re sitting next to people who have minor traffic violations or may have a summons for not mowing their lawns. It’s really not an appropriate environment.”

The new domestic violence courts would be part of the superior court system of New Jersey, and the judges appointed to this court would in theory be more specifically trained in the area of the law that is applicable to domestic violence. Having expert judges in domestic violence would, according to Casagrande, lead to fairer trials and punishment. The bill states that judges would be “knowledgeable in criminal law and procedure, particularly in relation to intimate partner violence.”

The proposed changes that this bill presents could also mean harsher penalties for defendants accused of domestic violence. In addition to this bill, Casagrande is also introducing separate bills that domestic violence crimes carry harsher punishments. These bills would include a mandatory three-year prison sentence for convicted offenders who injure their victims. The bills will also require all New Jersey judges to receive a minimum of three hours of domestic violence training.

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