Do I Need a Lawyer for My First DWI Offense?

Avoid your first DWI offenseThe penalties of a first DWI offense in New Jersey can range from the loss of driving privileges for a year to spending thirty days in jail and paying over a $500 fine. The deciding factor for the severity of the punishment are the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) at the time of the arrest, the amount of property damage, how reckless the car was being driven, and the behavior of the driver while being arrested.

A NJ DWI lawyer can look at each of these factors and help guide their client away from paying hefty fines or dealing with an especially long suspension. It is often argued that lawyer fees are too high to justify hiring a firm for a first offense. However, going into the fight without help can result in a large monetary loss and the revocation of personal driving privileges. This can be far more monetarily crippling than hiring assistance from a licensed NJ DWI attorney. In many cases, you can even set up a free consultation with a DWI lawyer in order to assess the merits of your case before proceeding.

How a DWI Can Affect Your Life

Say, for instance, a person is convicted of a DWI. The repercussions can be devastatingly wide spread. In addition to fines handed down by the court, elevated auto insurance premiums, the defendant may also have to pay for ignition interlock devices and alcohol recovery classes. His or her time may also be taken away by mandatory community service and the extra inconvenience of having a suspended license. In NJ, DUI’s do not count as criminal offenses on your record, but they will appear on your motor vehicle record. If you have a job or are looking for a job that requires use of your car, having a DUI will make it more difficult to keep and find steady employment. After a first offense on a record, the fines and punishments become much more severe which opens the defendant to more harsh consequences down the line.

How a Lawyer Can Help

Well trained, experienced lawyers, like those found at Villani & DeLuca, can fight to make sure a DWI offense does not appear on their client’s records. This is often done through a plea bargain with the prosecution. It is difficult for an untrained citizen to pull off speaking to the prosecution alone. The opposing team will likely be much more comfortable operating in the legal system than a defendant working alone. A DWI lawyer provides a knowledgeable buffer with the opposition in a case and correct council to the client. In certain situations, an argument can even be made against the validity of the prosecution’s claims in the hopes of erasing all charges.

In short, hiring a lawyer may be expensive, but it is not more costly than the overall effect of a DWI conviction – to both your wallet and your life. Give yourself a chance to make the best of a bad situation. The results of a conviction are long lasting drains on the individual’s economic mobility. Getting help can stop these long-term damages and free the defendant to move on. For these reasons it is recommended that a person charged with a DWI in NJ get a DWI lawyer for the first offense. There is little to no reason to fight alone.

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