Hire a Divorce Lawyer Who is Good at Settling a Divorce in NJ

Settling a DivorceOften times, clients will ask whether it is more important for the lawyer to be good at settling a case or good at trying a case.  The most successful matrimonial lawyers are the ones who are most effective at settling divorce cases.  A prominent family law judge in Monmouth County will often say “it takes a good lawyer to try a case and an even better lawyer to settle one.”  This is a very appropriate statement.

The Difference Between Settling a Divorce in NJ and Going to Trial

Divorce trials are extremely costly from both a financial and emotional perspective.  At trial, a litigant loses all control over what happens to him or her, as the judge makes the ultimate decisions on all issues.  In a settled case, you and your spouse have control over the actual terms and there is no uncertainty.  It is often necessary that your divorce lawyer have good trial skills so that the other side is fully aware that, in the event your case is unable to be resolved as a result of negotiation and compromise, your lawyer’s skills as a trial lawyer will then be put into action.  The best lawyers are skilled in both the art of negotiation and if need be, trial.

Certified Matrimonial Lawyer Experienced in Settling a Divorce

Villani & DeLuca partner Vincent C. DeLuca is a certified matrimonial trial lawyer.  In order to achieve this designation Mr. DeLuca had to have a number of trials tried to conclusion, as well as receive recommendations from various judges throughout Monmouth and Ocean Counties.  In additional to being a certified matrimonial attorney, Mr. DeLuca is also certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as an economic mediator.  Mr. DeLuca successfully mediates hundreds of cases on a yearly basis.

In the event that you are contemplating filing for a divorce, please speak with the divorce attorneys of Villani & DeLuca.  The Law Offices of Villani & DeLuca are conveniently located along Route 35 South in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey.  They also have a satellite office location available in Monmouth County.  Please call (732) 965-3350 to schedule your free divorce consultation.