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Driving While Suspended

Sign 3New Jersey Statute 39:3-40 sets forth the provisions that define a driving while suspended violation. Essentially, this is an offense in which you are caught driving with a suspended or revoked driver’s license. Suspension of driving privileges also applies if you have a suspended or revoked motor vehicle registration.

Brielle Municipal Court imposes strict penalties for driving while suspended. These penalties are based on factors such as prior convictions for driving while suspended, and the charge under which the license or registration was suspended or revoked. Driving while suspended is a serious charge.  It is recommended that you consult a lawyer due to the serious nature of this charge, which can include jail time. The traffic law attorneys of Villani & DeLuca have the knowledge and experience to get your charges reduced or eliminated, giving you back peace of mind. Call (732) 965-3350 today for a free consultation.

Obtaining an Expungement of Your Criminal Record

A criminal record stays with you for life, even for minor offenses such as a disorderly persons charge.  Although you cannot ever “erase” a criminal record, you can request that it be expunged. Once your records are expunged, they can no longer be viewed by the general public.  This is very helpful, especially if you are applying for a job that requires a criminal background check.  The expungement application is available at the Monmouth Vicinage courthouse, but there are many legal technicalities to consider before you file.  For instance, records for certain offenses, such as robbery, aggravated sexual assault and murder cannot be expunged.  An experienced criminal attorney can verify whether or not you qualify for an expungement, and assist you with the filing process.

There are two main requirements the Monmouth Vicinage considers prior to granting an expungement. First, you must remain free of any convictions for a period of at least 2 years, depending on the level of offense.  Second, your character and conduct since your conviction must outweigh the seriousness of your offense to where it is in the public’s best interest to expunge your record.  Although it is a time-consuming process, an expungement is the best way to ensure that you are not permanently punished for your past mistakes.  If you think you may be eligible for an expungement of a past conviction in New Jersey, contact Villani & DeLuca today to find out your options.

Child Custody Lawyers

In New Jersey, there are two forms of child custody that can be awarded to a parent. Typically, parents focus on “physical custody”, which simply refers to where the child will reside.  However, the other parent almost always retains “legal custody”.  This means that he or she has the right to help make important decisions for the child, such as choice of school, religious training and medical care.  If you choose to resolve your child custody issues in court, you will be required to appear before a Judge at the Monmouth Vicinage.  Since a court appearance is often costly and time-consuming, you may want to try forming a child custody agreement through mediation.

The knowledgeable attorneys of Villani & DeLuca are experienced in helping parents work out child custody arrangements through mediation.  This is a chance to gather in a safe, civil environment and work out a fair agreement that is in your child’s best interest.  Our lawyers are specially trained to help parents work through their differences, and offer solutions that are fair to both parties.  If mediation is not feasible, our experienced attorneys can guide you through the complicated process of filing for child custody with the Monmouth Vicinage.  Please call (732) 965-3350 to schedule a free consultation with one of our certified family law attorneys.

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