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Victims Rights in a Car Accident In NJ

Posted by Carmine R. Villani | Apr 05, 2016 | 0 Comments

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Under New Jersey's No Fault Act (N.J.S.A. 39:6A-1), drivers of registered vehicles in New Jersey are required to purchase auto insurance with Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage. This insurance coverage will cover medical costs for those injured in an auto accident. The policy will cover accidents between multiple automobiles or pedestrian. Each driver with a registered vehicle is required to carry the minimum amount of insurance coverage under the NJ PIP Law which is $15,000 but can go as high as $250,000 per person. As a way to protect victims's rights, a driver with an active auto insurance policy in New Jersey, with PIP coverage, will be covered for their medical expenses up to their cap in any type of auto accident. The PIP policy will cover those who require treatment, test or medical services in the case of an auto accident.

What are your victims rights in an auto accident in Monmouth County?

As the victim of an auto accident, you have the right not to give a statement at the time of the accident. Right after an auto accident, most people will be in some form of shock. Your blood will be pumping and you may not be thinking with a clear head. Anything you say at that moment could come back to bite you when you try to collect from an auto insurance company. Many insurance companies will try to pressure you into giving a statement right after the accident but you should wait, in order to have a clear mind. Also, you may remember details that you wouldn't have remembered right after the accident.
Your best course of action is to hire an attorney to protect your rights. Your attorney will take your statement in regards to your accident.  The attorney will handle all correspondence with the insurance companies.
The auto insurance company will ask for any medical records to back up your claim. Make sure to only provide the insurance company copies of all documents and keep the originals for yourself. Your lawyer will also ask for your medical records in order to build your case.
As a victim, you can sue for damages for physical and financial loss due to the auto accident. You may be able to sue other parties that might have contributed to the auto accident, not just the driver of the vehicle that hit you. Also, if you are hit by a company vehicle you may be able to sue the company that the vehicle belongs to. For example the Walmart truck that was involved in the accident that hit comedian Tracy Morgan on the New Jersey Turnpike took responsibility for the accident and made a settlement with Morgan.

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As a victim you need to understand your rights. Contact a personal injury lawyer like those at Villani & DeLuca. Our attorneys will review your case and help guide you in your pursuit for compensation. Call (732) 709-7757 for your FREE case evaluation.

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