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The Value of a Divorce Support Group When Going Through the Divorce Process

Posted by Vincent C. DeLuca | Sep 22, 2020 | 0 Comments

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The value of a Divorce support group when going through the divorce process

A divorce support group is a place where an individual who is going through a divorce can share his or her experiences without fear of being judged.  Part of the value of a divorce support group is that it demonstrates that you are not alone when going through the divorce process.

Most people who go through a divorce have someone that they can turn to for support when going through the process.  Usually that person is either a trusted friend or their own divorce attorney.  A divorce support group can supply a much-needed layer of additional support.

A divorce support group typically consists of individuals who are all going through a divorce and who are each in different stages of the process.  Some may have already completed the divorce process and some may just be beginning.  At a divorce support group, you may gain insight as to the various stages of a divorce proceeding and what you can expect during each stage.

It can never hurt to hear various ideas as to how others have addressed issues pertaining to a divorce such as issues pertaining to the children.  How to share Birthdays, Holidays, getting the children used to two separate households are all topics that are frequently discussed.

A divorce support group is a therapy group which will assist you in managing your thoughts and feelings that you have when going through the process.

If you think a divorce support group may be able to assist you through the divorce process you need to know how to find such a group.  Search for a divorce support group in your local area.  Typically, local churches, community colleges, or mental health professionals are involved in forming such groups.  If you are unable to find a local group, you may want to explore joining an online group.  A quick google search for divorce support groups near me would be a good place to start your search.

Some local divorce support groups include but are not limited to the Monmouth County Catholic Divorce Support Meetup, Red Bank Divorce Support Meetup, Ocean County Catholic Divorce Support, New Jersey Complete Divorce Support Group and Women, Divorce and the Emotion of Money.

Divorce support groups assist in normalizing the stages of the divorce process.  The group will help you find positive ways to deal with such emotions as resentment and anger.

Should you have any questions relative to the divorce process or the benefits of joining a divorce support group call the divorce attorneys at Villani and DeLuca.  Founding Partner Vincent DeLuca offers a free initial consultation.  The initial consultation may be conducted via zoom, over the telephone or in person.  Call today to schedule 732-709-7757

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