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NJ Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help in Any Situation (Land or Sea)

Posted by Carmine R. Villani | Nov 28, 2014 | 0 Comments

The SeaStreak Ferry, which carries customers and commuters to and from New York City and Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey, was involved in a boating accident in 2013. Passengers, along with their NJ personal injury lawyers, filed suits totaling more than $75 million in claims.
However, a maritime law could limit the ferry's liabilities to $7.6 million. The law dates back to 1851 and would, if the court rules in favor of the SeaStreak Ferry, limit the ferry's liability to be no more than the monetary value of the ship, which, according to the SeaStreak, is $7.6 million. Many of the passengers who were injured in the crash have since settled out of court in various amounts that total $7.38 million.
If the court agrees with the SeaStreak defense, it could mean that settlements for the remaining passengers will not be met. However, there is reason to believe that the SeaStreak will not win its defense, and in fact, be liable for amounts in excess of its estimated value.
A steering system was switched six months prior to the incident, in order to save money and could have contributed to the incident. Also, the captain of the ferry did not take proper actions leading up to the collision and a safety warning was not issued to passengers.
Personal injury claims can be complicated, but with the assistance of NJ personal injury lawyers, these passengers are receiving compensation for the injuries sustained while on board. When seeking your own attorney, your representation needs to create a strong defense based on the circumstances of the incident that led to your injuries.
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