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What is the Early Settlement Panel in New Jersey?

Posted by Vincent C. DeLuca | Dec 29, 2011 | 0 Comments

The Early Settlement Panel (ESP)

Divorce litigants in the State of New Jersey are required to participate in non-binding mediation, otherwise known as the matrimonial Early Settlement Panel. Experienced matrimonial law attorneys in New Jersey volunteer their time to assist litigants and their lawyers by appearing in Court and acting as de facto mediators by serving as Early Settlement Panelists.

What Occurs at An ESP

The Early Settlement Panelists meet with the parties and their attorneys subsequent to being provided with written position statements supplied by the lawyers, outlining the issues in dispute in the pending divorce. After meeting with the parties, the Early Settlement Panelist makes a non-binding recommendation as to how the parties should divide their assets, the level of support that should be paid, and opines as to any other relevant issues. In the event the parties and their respective attorneys agree to the recommendations as set forth by the panelist, it is conceivable that a divorce can be finalized on the same day that the Early Settlement Panel convenes.

A Valuable Recommendation from Someone with Years of Family Law Experience

Most Early Settlement Panelists have years of experience practicing family law in New Jersey. The Early Settlement Panel is a valuable resource for divorce litigants. The Early Settlement Panel provides divorce litigants with the opportunity to obtain an impartial recommendation by an experienced divorce lawyer as to how the case should resolve itself. In many instances, the Early Settlement Panelist assigned to a divorce case, will have more experience practicing family law than a Trial Judge assigned to the case.

Villani & DeLuca, P.C. – Ocean County & Monmouth County Law Firm

Partner, Vincent C. DeLuca, Esq., of Villani & DeLuca, P.C. has been certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a matrimonial law attorney. He has served as an Early Settlement Panelist and mediator throughout the State of New Jersey. If you have any questions about the Early Settlement Panel process or divorce litigation and/or divorce mediation in New Jersey, in general, please feel free to contact partner, Vincent C. DeLuca, Esq., at (732) 709-7757.

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