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What Does Being A Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney Mean?

Posted by Vincent C. DeLuca | Jan 04, 2016 | 0 Comments

NJ Supreme Court Recognizes Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney

Finding a matrimonial law attorney in New Jersey can be a confusing and overwhelming process. But it doesn't have to be. Making the right choice when selecting an attorney is critical to protect your interests and guide and support you through what is bound to be a difficult and stressful time in your life. A Villani & DeLuca P.C. Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney is here to help. We understand and take pride in the ability to handle complex and difficult matters for all of our clients by combining a strong knowledge of family law with a devoted work ethic.

Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney Credentials

To help demystify this important decision-making process, the State of New Jersey has implemented a certification program aimed at recognizing its most talented and competent matrimonial law attorneys. Those lawyers who demonstrate considerable expertise in the specialized field of family and matrimonial law are awarded the title of ‘Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney' by the Supreme Court of New Jersey.
This credential is more than just legalese; it is achieved by meeting established and tough standards and criteria. These include undergoing comprehensive and rigorous testing, demonstrating extensive matrimonial trial experience and proficiency, as well as fulfilling ongoing continuing legal education requirements. Certified attorneys must also achieve their status by way of a recommendation from fellow colleagues and New Jersey Superior Court judges, together with having been a member in good standing of the New Jersey Bar for at least five years.
The distinction of hiring a certified matrimonial attorney allows clients to be confident that they are in the hands of a professional who has been recognized for his or her superior knowledge and skill in a diverse array of practice areas.

Are All Divorce Lawyers Automatically Certified Matrimonial Law Attorneys?

The short answer to this is ‘no'. Villani & DeLuca's family law partner, Vincent DeLuca, Esq., represents one of less than three percent of practicing attorneys who are currently certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as Matrimonial Law Attorneys. In fact, only 158 (0.002%) of the state's attorneys are Certified Matrimonial Attorneys. This coveted qualification ensures that he is well placed to represent you in all issues pertaining to marital disputes, including but not limited to complex matters such as the equitable distribution of marital assets, child custody, spousal support and alimony.

Vincent DeLuca is a Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney

Villani & DeLuca partner, Vincent C. DeLuca, is a certified matrimonial attorney demonstrating his significant commitment to the practice of matrimonial law, as he was required to demonstrate considerable knowledge and experience with matrimonial law practice to earn the admiration and respect of his colleagues, including judges and fellow attorneys, to become a member in good standing of the New Jersey Bar Association and pass a comprehensive written exam.
Our team of experienced lawyers provides a full range of family law services and have been doing so professionally for twenty years. Feel free to call us 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 732-709-7757 and we will be happy to provide you with a free consultation, offering practical and professional legal advice tailored to your specific situation.

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Vincent C. DeLuca, a partner of the firm, devotes the entirety of his practice to family law. Vince is a trained divorce mediator and collaborative divorce attorney. Vince is certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a matrimonial law attorney. Less than .002% of all practicing attorneys in...


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