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OlympicTower HedgeFund Recommends Carmine R. Villani

Carmine Villani is the absolute best lawyer. Carmine has all the qualities and traits one looks for in a defense lawyer. His office is the most professional that I have ever seen. Phone calls and questions are answered in a matter of minutes. Carmine is accessible. Most importantly, Carmine knows the law and understands the court system. I have seen Carmine take care of his other clients in addition to me (think about how we are sitting in court for hours waiting) and Carmine is non-judgemental and he is kind. You can tell Carmine everything and anything and it is all simply for helping him understand you and the case. Again, Carmine does not judge, he is the best professional defense attorney who understands that people make mistakes and he works diligently and relentlessly for an outcome that is better than even the best of scenarios.

– OlympicTower HedgeFund

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