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Monmouth (Divorce Mediation)

"I want to think Vincent DeLuca for all his assistance during a very difficult time. My wife and I decided to get divorced after being married for over 29 years. Getting divorced after so much time is a difficult situation at its best. With Vincent's expertise, guidance, humor and warmth as a divorce mediator the process went as smoothly as it possible could. He doesn't take sides and speaks to everyone in a straight-forward manner that elicits calm and reassurance even when things get contentious. I strongly recommend that any couple seeking divorce first go through a professional mediator to avoid or reduce the never-ending, individual matrimonial legal fees that they will incur if they do not use a mediator. And, if they are looking for someone who is a consummate professional and can guide them through that most difficult time, I strongly suggest contacting and retaining the services of Vincent DeLuca."  

– L.S.

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