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Monmouth (Divorce)

I am writing this review of Vince DeLuca to help anyone who may be considering hiring him as a collaborative divorce attorney.  I hired him in that role back in 2010 when collaborative was still relatively uncommon in NJ, yet he already had lots of experience at that point.  The main point I want to convey is that I am very glad I hired Vince and I highly recommend him.  The reasons for that are trust, his capacity to put my son's needs first, and his ability to understand and support me in some unusual situations.   Trust is very important to me in all relationships, but given the importance of a divorce for me and my son it was a top priority.  After a quick look at the Villani DeLuca website and marketing I worried that they might be too assertive or corporate for me.  But I was wrong and I am glad that I took the time to meet Vince.  After his help with a successful divorce I have had three other occasions to contact him for guidance and each time my trust in him grows.   One of the main reasons I have this trust is because of his capacity to think first of the needs of the child.  He has worked as a mediator and has children of his own.  As a result there have been times when he guided me to back off of or adjust my requests, and other times that he encouraged me to ask for more in order to maintain appropriate balance for our son.   This was really critical for me, because I wanted to make sure that whatever actions I took were in the long term best interest of our child!   Without getting into all the details I want you to know that each time I have contacted Vince I felt like I had an unusual situation that he had likely never seen.  And in most cases he confirmed that it was new for him.  Yet despite those curve-balls he proved that he could easily adapt his vast experience as a collaborative divorce lawyer to my specific situations.  He never judged me.  And I always felt a genuine caring from him, especially for my son (and also for my ex).   For these above reasons and more I highly recommend Vince DeLuca as a collaborative divorce attorney.  Best luck to you on your current challenges.   I highly recommend Vincent DeLuca as a collaborative divorce attorney.  I hired him back in 2010 for a collaborative divorce, and his involvement helped to make it a success.  He was already skilled in that area of law, at that time, despite it being new to many people in NJ.   In a collaborative divorce both lawyers become part of the “team”, yet in private they still offer guidance to their clients (that is my take on the process).  So I wanted a lawyer who was both a team player and a straight shooter.  If I was asking for too much I wanted him to tell me, and if I was not holding a fair line I also wanted to know.  Throughout the process he offered that kind of honest guidance to me, and he helped to keep our son's needs front and center.  He also has skills as a mediator, and it was apparent to me that he truly wanted what was best for our son.   Vince is also capable of being assertive and seeing through tactics and posturing.  I certainly did not want a typical divorce battle, but I want to be clear that if I had one I also would trust that Vince could help to protect me from those pitfalls.  In many ways I feel he offers a great blend of all of those skills and needs.  He is caring, experienced, creative and tactful.  And above all he earned my trust at a high level.  I ended up contacting him three other times, and referring a handful of friends to him.  I wish you luck on your current challenges and recommend that you consider a consultation with Vince to see if he is a good fit for your needs.

– C.D.

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