What is the Difference Between Collaborative Divorce and Divorce Mediation

What is the Difference Between Collaborative Divorce and Divorce MediationNew Jersey couples that are seeking to dissolve their marriages without the stress and of litigation often turn to alternative resolutions such as collaborative divorce or divorce mediation. The goals of both approaches are to allow couples to reach mutually satisfactory settlements in the divorce process (instead of the unpredictable outcomes in court), save money, time and stress, as well as keep information confidential.

Collaborative Divorce

Whenever possible, the NJ Collaborative Divorce Attorneys at Villani & DeLuca P.C. encourage couples to resolve their differences through civil and cooperative methods such as collaborative divorce. In a collaborative divorce, each spouse hires their own attorney and the two attorneys and their clients negotiate directly with each other without resorting to litigation. Choosing the collaborative divorce approach will save time, money and stress as well as keep the needs of the children in focus throughout the entire process. If the settlement cannot be reached, however, the couple’s attorneys are required to withdraw from the case, and the parties would need to hire new attorneys to bring their case to court.

Divorce Mediation

In a divorce mediation, couples work voluntarily with their lawyers to hire a third neutral party called a mediator, who helps them through a “healthier” (informal) divorce process. This is done without the time, cost or stress typically involved with court litigation. Couples who wish to resolve all of their issues with their partner amicably can do so in a collaborative manner at the mediation table rather than a judge impose a solution.

Choosing to use a divorce mediation will give you more flexibility and control of your resolution while remaining neutralizing and still protect your children from conflict.

Certified in Matrimonial Law, partner Vincent DeLuca, Esq. is also a Family Law Mediator and Economic mediator in New Jersey. He is uniquely able to combine his legal knowledge of divorce as a practicing attorney with his mediation skills to facilitate effective, agreeable solutions.

What is the Right Answer?

Figuring out which approach to use is best to use is determined by the unique circumstances of your situation. There is no one process that is the right answer for everyone. Divorce Collaboration and Divorce Mediation are both options to consider when choosing to resolve a divorce out of court.

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