Thanksgiving Day Safety in the House and On The Road – Don’t Get a DWI Charge in NJ

Let’s face it, the reality of Thanksgiving (the holiday that marks the start of the “holiday season”) may not always live up to the hype. In the real world, deep-fryers set fires in homes and our juicy roasted turkeys come out of the oven burnt, travel plans get delayed, auto accidents happen, and festive drivers get pulled over on a DWI charge in NJ. So, maybe spending time with your family doesn’t always give you the warm fuzzy feelings of what you see on television; instead, stress creeps in as you try to squeeze in last minute cooking or packing and you rush out the door to attempt to make good time during one of the most heavily traveled days of the year – like everyone else.

Thanksgiving is a time for reflection with our families and friends to celebrate what we’re thankful for. But, it comes with many potential risks; the best way to protect your family is by knowing the dangers and planning around them.

In the Kitchen

For a holiday that largely revolves around food, cooking mishaps are bound to happen (and we’re not talking about forgetting to buy an ingredient or getting the turkey in the oven behind schedule). Stay safe handling knives, peelers and hot pans. If you’re tempted to rush through pre-work, just remember that taking a trip to the ER for stitches would take longer. According to, one of the more common injuries that emergency physicians treat during the Thanksgiving holiday involves knives – specifically carving knives that can cut fingers and hands. The kitchen is the heart of the home, especially at Thanksgiving. Kids love to be involved in holiday preparations, so safety in the kitchen is important, especially on Thanksgiving Day when there is a lot of activity and family at home. According to the National Fire Protection Association, Thanksgiving is the leading day of the year for home fires involving cooking equipment.

In the Dining Room

Food is usually abundant on Thanksgiving, however for some, it can be too much and consumed too quickly. Here’s a scary statistic: heart-related deaths rise five percent during the holiday season, TIME reported. It’s not just the fat from the gravy and the buttery potatoes, it’s also the stress that sometimes goes along with the holidays and overindulgences, like alcohol. Keep your heart healthy this Thanksgiving by limiting your portion sizes and alcohol intake. Then get outside and get active…but, stay safe.

In the Yard

Before or after the big Thanksgiving meal, it’s common for many to head outside to run around with the kids or play a game of football. Beware, weekend warriors! Many injuries occur to those who are not used to exercising regularly. Remember to warm up before you throw that football 50 yards across the yard to your nephew. Have fun, listen to your body and just don’t overdo it. Although 10,000 Americans typically go to the ER for sports or exercise-related injury each day, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the toll is often heavier on weekends and higher still around big gathering days like Thanksgiving, when occasional exercisers come out in droves.

On the Road

Thanksgiving can be a hazardous time of year on the road for motorists as people are rushing to get to the family’s home, distracted, celebrating with wine or cocktails, staying too late and driving tired. Distracted driving is already a major safety problem all year long, but on Thanksgiving, it can be even worse. The call or text can wait. Or pass the phone to your passenger to respond on your behalf. And there’s nothing wrong with celebrating responsibly with alcohol, but unfortunately, not everyone is responsible, and Thanksgiving is one of the top days for a DWI charge in NJ.

The moment an intoxicated driver gets behind the wheel, he or she puts everyone on the road in danger. According to the United States Department of Transportation, during the 6-day Thanksgiving travel period, the number of long-distance trips (to and from a ­destination 50 miles or more away) increases by 54%. Over the six-year period between 2006 and 2011, traffic deaths around Thanksgiving accounted for nearly 15% of all vehicle-related fatalities in November.

We wish you a happy Thanksgiving where you don’t have to worry about cutting your finger, DWI charges, car accidents, stress or throwing out your shoulder during the TurkeyBowl. Whether you’re in the kitchen, in the dining room, outside or on the road this Thanksgiving Day, remember to follow these health and safety tips necessary to protect your family.

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