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Pets enrich our lives in many ways, but unfortunately, they can also be the cause of injury. Dog bites alone injure more than 4.7 million people every year. When injuries from domesticated animals occur (cats, reptiles, even exotic animals), the victim... Read More

A proposed bill would change the way in which DWIs are handled in the state of New Jersey. The bill (A-1368) would shorten the length of time for diver’s license suspensions for first-time DWI convictions with a blood alcohol concentration level below... Read More

The media would have you believe that half of all marriages end in divorce, and that the state of marriages is a bleak one for Americans. But, this is a misconception. The truth is that marriages in the United States have never been stronger. New divorce... Read More

If you are worried about previously dismissed or dropped charges affecting your current eligibility for PTI or Pretrial Intervention in NJ, you can breathe easier. On Jan. 8, the New Jersey Supreme Court unanimously ruled that a defendant’s prior dropped... Read More

When you go out on the weekends with your friends, it is always important to have a plan of action to get home. Of course a designated driver is always the best way to avoid DWI charges, but this is not always an option. There are plenty of other options,... Read More

Many drivers in New Jersey have been guilty of going outside to an ice-covered vehicle on a freezing-cold winter morning and quickly chipping just enough ice off the windshield to see through … then they drive away. We’ve all seen these “peephole”... Read More

New Jersey winters bring snow and ice, which make sidewalks, parking lots and outdoor stairs slippery (and dangerous). These icy and snowy conditions are among the leading causes of slip and fall accidents in NJ. Slippery surfaces can be hazardous for... Read More

Of all the criminal charges in New Jersey, domestic violence may be the most misunderstood. This is concerning because domestic violence matters can have very substantial and long lasting consequences for those charged with and convicted of domestic violence... Read More

In December, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled (8-1 decision) that a police officer may stop a vehicle based on a misunderstanding of the law without violating the Fourth Amendment.Heien v. North CarolinaThe case, Heien v. North Carolina, No. 13-604, concerned... Read More

A wrongful death suit involving caramel apples that were contaminated with Listeria Monocytogenes has added two more defendants in the case, which now includes Safeway Inc., Happy Apple Company and Bidart Brothers Apple Packing.The complaint was filed... Read More

Personal injury cases in New Jersey can take strange turns at times. Yet even if you hit a roadblock while pursuing compensation for an injury, there are always options available to you. An experienced NJ personal injury lawyer can walk you through the... Read More

A bill has been passed by the New Jersey Assembly that is designed to limit third-party access to event data recorders, or, as they are sometimes called, “black boxes” in order to protect the rights of car owners. The State Assembly passed bill A3579... Read More

An important decision was made earlier this month on the issue of repeat DWI offenders on the “step down” rule (N.J.S.A. 39:4-50(a)(3)). The New Jersey Supreme Court has ruled that drunken drivers charged with multiple offenses may use a “step-down”... Read More

“Driving is a privilege, not a right.” If you are convicted of a moving violation, the State of New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission will penalize you by adding points to your driving record. You will only get points on your record for moving violations... Read More

With the rise of services like Apple Pay and Google Wallet, smartphones could soon replace the traditional wallet. Soon, a full force digital wallet could become a reality with New Jersey’s hope to implement digital driver’s licenses. State Senator... Read More