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If an individual is placed under arrest for breaking a New Jersey law, he or she will have an arrest record which will affect job searches, credit scores, purchasing or renting a home, military service, civil service jobs and much more. There is an option,... Read More

Are You Really Who You Say You Are?The days of creating a fake ID in NJ by cutting laminate to replace your driver’s license picture are behind us, but driver’s license fraud is far from over. The State of New Jersey is addressing fake ID issues... Read More

If someone has been convicted of a crime and pled guilty, they have the right to go through the process of filing a criminal appeal in New Jersey. There’s a short time period in which to file the appeal, and it needs to be based on legal defects in... Read More

First time offenders who’ve committed third or fourth degree crimes may be eligible for pretrial intervention. Pretrial intervention for drug arrests is a program available in New Jersey to those charged with a crime in the Superior Court and provides... Read More

When a married couple goes through divorce, and in the period following legal separation, one spouse may require monetary support from the other. In New Jersey, the law allows the court to make an order that either grants or denies the other spouse monetary... Read More

NJ DWI Convictions and Job ApplicationsFinding a job in today’s tight job market is hard enough already; having a DWI (driving while intoxicated) arrest, N.J.S.A. 39:4-50, can make your job search just that much more difficult. If you’re already... Read More

Recently, a committee appointed by New Jersey’s chief judge recommended a historic shift in bail eligibility in NJ. The new focus was on the safety of the community, as opposed to money, when deciding who goes free and who remains behind bars.The NJ... Read More

Life after a DWI ChargeIn violating N.J.S.A. 39:4-50, the State of New Jersey imposes serious penalties for drunk driving. These DWI penalties get more severe as a person progresses from a first to a second and then third offense; and along with DUI... Read More

Monmouth County police are cracking down on drugs, with an increase of drug raids and arrests for heroin, cocaine, marijuana and prescription drugs. Facing a drug charge can be scary, confusing and stressful; it pays to have a Monmouth County Drug Possession... Read More

If a person has been caught with drug paraphernalia, including rolling papers, a pipe, spoons, cutting agents, plastic baggies, capsules, bong, syringes or capsules, they can be arrested and subsequently convicted of possession of drug paraphernalia charges... Read More

The legal divorce process begins when one spouse files a “Complaint for Divorce” with the Superior Court of New Jersey; but outside of the courtroom, we recognize that coping with divorce is not easy to do. Whether it is amicable or not, it marks... Read More

Steps to Take After Being Accused of Narcotics PossessionThe old adage, “knowledge is power” is especially fitting in the context of fighting drug possession charges in NJ (2C:35-10). Knowing how to handle yourself during a potential drug arrest... Read More

Perhaps there is no more emotional type of litigation than that which involves child custody. Parental disagreements concerning health, education and religious upbringing can lead to frustrating custody battles. However, these strong opinions and supercharged... Read More

Felonies, Crimes, and Disorderly Persons Charges in NJDisorderly conduct in NJ (N.J.S.A. 2C:33-2) encompasses many different types of behavior and often accompanies other charges such as simple assault and loitering. And since the New Jersey laws can... Read More

The moment right after a motor vehicle accident can be filled with fear and shock, but it’s important to stay calm and take the right steps to prevent further damage. Whether it happens on the Garden State Parkway, Ocean Blvd or on a local side street... Read More