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The legal divorce process begins when one spouse files a “Complaint for Divorce” with the Superior Court of New Jersey; but outside of the courtroom, we recognize that coping with divorce is not easy to do. Whether it is amicable or not, it marks... Read More

New Jersey couples that are seeking to dissolve their marriages without the stress and of litigation often turn to alternative resolutions such as collaborative divorce or divorce mediation. The goals of both approaches are to allow couples to reach mutually... Read More

Emotional and financial duress is common in a divorce which is why bankruptcy often goes hand-in-hand with divorce. Bankruptcy after divorce can surface many complicated issues and it is not uncommon for one or both spouses to file for bankruptcy; but... Read More

Divorce is one of the most stressful things children and adults go through. Anger, hurt, sadness, confusion, frustration and resentment are very real (and reasonable) emotions throughout the entire separation process. Yes it’s true, divorce is not funny,... Read More

Grandparents can make a very positive impact in a child’s development, especially when the child does not live with his or her immediate family members. Today, we are seeing an increasing number of “grandfamilies” or households in New Jersey... Read More

Going through the divorce process is difficult for anyone. A partnership that was meant to last a lifetime ends abruptly due to irrevocable differences, leaving both parts of a couple to make new plans and move on. Same sex couples, in particular, face... Read More

Paige Laurie is a Walmart heiress, which means she has a lot of money. So when she and her husband Patrick Dubbert got a divorce, he signed some legal documents asking for a small percentage of it, according to TMZ.com. The thing is, a small percentage... Read More

Initially, divorce can be devastating to all parties involved. The key is to move on afterward. While moving on is probably easier said than done, do not give up hope. You are capable of more than you may realize. Once the divorce process is finalized... Read More

By its very nature, divorce is a legal proceeding that is fraught with emotional issues that sometimes can cause the individuals involved to take positions that do not represent their best interests and are often times opposed to what is best for them... Read More

When going through a divorce, it is very important that the individual not only has a good relationship with his or her attorney, but that he or she also has a good relationship with the attorney’s support staff, inclusive of junior associates and the... Read More

One of the most difficult aspects of a divorce proceeding is ascertaining the nature of any and all assets on behalf of the spouse who is not involved with the finances during the course of the marriage.  Often times the non-wage earning spouse has the... Read More

Often times, clients will ask whether it is more important for the lawyer to be good at settling a case or good at trying a case.  The most successful matrimonial lawyers are the ones who are most effective at settling divorce cases.  A prominent family... Read More