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Everywhere we go, nearly all of us are connected; just a smartphone away from almost any kind of information in the world. No matter where we are (at home, on our commute, during school) we can browse the internet, check Facebook, take high definition... Read More

Confrontations can happen to even the most mild-mannered people resulting in an assault. When the police arrive on the scene of a fight, it may not matter if your actions were because you were sticking up for one of your friends; many times all parties... Read More

During the summer months at the New Jersey Shore, underage drinking is considered one of the top problems among the community. Even with public education campaigns and strict laws in place to fight teen drinking, it’s still a number one concern in Monmouth... Read More

There are some new contenders for the title “dumbest criminals,” and apparently they want everyone to know about it. A couple of guys recently decided it would be a good idea to steal a backpack that contained an iPad, Macbook and lots of cash. Then,... Read More

Communication between spouses may not be used as evidence in court during criminal investigation. Spousal privilege is an important right that protects people’s marriages from being exposed in court. However, the New Jersey Assembly passed a new bill... Read More

A proposed amendment to the New Jersey Constitution will be decided Tuesday on the Election Day ballot. The amendment would give judges in New Jersey the power to deny bail, or pre-trial releases of defendants who are considered dangerous or deemed a... Read More

Halloween can be a time for pranksters to get their fix by participating in mischievous activities. The festivities, alcohol and party mentality frequently conspire to cause people to behave in ways that do not reflect their best judgment. While it is... Read More