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Under New Jersey’s No Fault Act (N.J.S.A. 39:6A-1), drivers of registered vehicles in New Jersey are required to purchase auto insurance with Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage. This insurance coverage will cover medical costs for those injured... Read More

We have all heard the statistical truth that says flying is the safest way to travel. While that may be counter-intuitive considering the horrific airline crashes memorialized on television, we are also beginning to see the disastrous impact of public... Read More

Summer sun brings in the fun; especially by the Jersey shore. The waterways and pools are filled with vacationers and roadways are filled with travelers. Summer is the season of adventures and days of relaxation. But accidents can happen at any time and... Read More

Brain injuries in sports is being discussed more and more – as medical knowledge continues to improve and athletes are coming forward, it’s bringing to light the lifelong damage that can be caused by participating in these intense contact sports.... Read More

New Jersey’s Charitable Immunity Act protects certain organizations from liability for injuries such as slip and fall. But, one woman who was injured after slipping and falling at a free eye screening, sponsored by the New Jersey Commission for the... Read More

When heading out for a brisk walk, we rarely think about sidewalks as having the ability to hurt us, but when sidewalks are improperly maintained, they can pose a safety risk to pedestrians of any age. Sidewalks that are poorly cared for can cause slip... Read More