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Being injured on the job can be a very frightening experience. Many New Jersey employees who are injured or become ill on the job and unable to perform work are eligible for workers’ compensation. Working with a skilled workers’ compensation attorney... Read More

Kids love dogs. They’re cute, fluffy and playful. But as summer approaches and your children are out of school (playing outdoors more often), the risk for a dog bite greatly increases.Children are at RiskMany children are naturally drawn to dogs,... Read More

Driving Under the Influence, or DUI, typically invokes the idea of a drunk driver. But increasingly, the “influence” drivers are under is not alcohol, but drugs—prescription drugs. If you’ve ever taken cold medicine, you know that... Read More

A proposed amendment to the New Jersey Constitution will be decided Tuesday on the Election Day ballot. The amendment would give judges in New Jersey the power to deny bail, or pre-trial releases of defendants who are considered dangerous or deemed a... Read More

Arming Youth with Safety and PreventionSeveral studies point to a parent’s ability to shape their kids in lasting ways. Parents may think their teens could care less about what they have to say, but research suggests that parents have a lot more influence... Read More

Halloween night brings increased safety risks. It is a high risk holiday for dog bites – especially with children in costumes. Nonstop doorbell rings and visitors showering attention may initially be doggy bliss for your pet. But even friendly,... Read More

Use Your Brain This Halloween. Don’t Drink & Drive.Halloween has become more than just taking the kids out to fill their bags full of candy trick-or-treating. Let’s be honest, Halloween is very much an adult holiday; for many, it’s a time to... Read More