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Division of Assets in a Monmouth County DivorceIn a New Jersey Divorce, assets are divided using the equitable distribution analysis.  Equitable distribution means that the property of the marriage will be split “equitably,” meaning fairly.  This... Read More

Spring is finally here and the days are starting to heat up which means it’s time to start planning for summer vacations! Unfortunately though, divorced parents might find themselves in the midst of the heated topic of coordinating parenting time schedules... Read More

New Year’s ResolutionJanuary is reportedly the most popular time of year to file for divorce. And rumor has it that January is ominously nicknamed “Divorce Month”. The end of the year brings reflections and the focus on upcoming resolutions.... Read More

Often times, clients will ask whether it is more important for the lawyer to be good at settling a case or good at trying a case.  The most successful matrimonial lawyers are the ones who are most effective at settling divorce cases.  A prominent family... Read More

How is Child Custody Determined?When determining child custody in a divorce proceeding, the court uses a standard which takes into account the children’s needs.  This standard is known as the “best interest of the child,” which requires a look... Read More