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A criminal record on your criminal record can hold you back from a lot of things. That is why, when possible, many people take the time to hire a lawyer to have a criminal record expunged. The courts do recognize that people sometimes make mistakes, and... Read More

You may have a New Jersey criminal record because of a momentary lapse in judgment in your teens or early twenties. Your criminal record could exist with a single incident of going out one night and having a few too many drinks and while intoxicated you... Read More

First time offenders who’ve committed third or fourth degree crimes may be eligible for pretrial intervention. Pretrial intervention for drug arrests is a program available in New Jersey to those charged with a crime in the Superior Court and provides... Read More

Some people make poor decisions while they are on vacation in the summer. You’re away from home, letting off some steam with your friends and family, possibly using alcohol or other substances to help yourself cut loose. As the old saying goes,... Read More