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New Jersey DWI Check Points are a nuisance to most drivers, but a necessity for the police. The purpose of a DWI check point is for the police to determine whether or not a driver is impaired. If the police suspect a driver is intoxicated they will asked... Read More

Perhaps you lost your wallet at Martell’s Tiki Bar in Point Pleasant Beach on a Friday night? Or maybe you missed the train to get home from Bar Anticipation in Lake Como. Either way, when options are limited, the car seat seems comfortable enough... Read More

A DWI charge can come with extremely serious consequences in New Jersey, but a refusal charge can be even more detrimental to your life. Refusal charges occur when a driver suspected of intoxication beyond the legal limit refuses to submit to a breath... Read More

A person who has been convicted of NJ DWI may be allowed to keep their driver’s license pending an appeal. However, municipal courts were recently warned that judges should not allow defendants to keep their licenses without good reason.“Although... Read More

Although DWI convictions are not classified as criminal offenses in New Jersey, the State imposes harsh penalties on anyone caught driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  The current law requires offenders with a BAC higher of 0.15% or higher... Read More

New Jersey has a zero tolerance policy towards drunk driving or driving while under the influence of drugs, imposing harsh penalties on those who are convicted of a DWI in NJ.  These penalties include loss of your driving privileges for at least 3 months,... Read More