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Anytime alcohol is involved, what starts as a conversations can quickly escalate into a debate, disagreement and result in a bar fight. If someone is injured during a bar fight, you might find yourself slapped with a criminal assault charge.In New Jersey,... Read More

As high school students throughout New Jersey gear up for prom season, it is a good time to have the talk with your kids about underage drinking as well as the consequences of drinking and driving. Teens might say prom is all about finding the perfect... Read More

Can a piece of paper get you past a New Jersey DUI sobriety checkpoint? The “Fair DUI Flyer” claims you can. In the past few months this flyer has become a viral sensation sweeping across YouTube and the country. It was created by a Florida lawyer,... Read More

New Jersey has a zero tolerance policy towards drunk driving or driving while under the influence of drugs, imposing harsh penalties on those who are convicted of a DWI in NJ.  These penalties include loss of your driving privileges for at least 3 months,... Read More