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Going through a divorce can be emotional and trying at the best of times. No matter how amicable proceedings start out initially, there is always a risk that they will degenerate as details are exposed in court. Which is why there has been a growing interest... Read More

New Jersey couples that are seeking to dissolve their marriages without the stress and of litigation often turn to alternative resolutions such as collaborative divorce or divorce mediation. The goals of both approaches are to allow couples to reach mutually... Read More

Divorce is one of the most stressful things children and adults go through. Anger, hurt, sadness, confusion, frustration and resentment are very real (and reasonable) emotions throughout the entire separation process. Yes it’s true, divorce is not funny,... Read More

Even when a divorce begins cordially, it can take a turn for the worse. Getting through divorce is never easy, but it can be simplified with the assistance of an experienced divorce lawyer.Chris Rock is known for his bold attitude and jokes that negatively... Read More

No doubt, divorce is difficult; but coping with this life-changing event can be made easier if you prepare for it ahead of time. Since January is one of the biggest months for divorce filings (often nicknamed “Divorce Month”), many couples use the... Read More

Yup, we have an app for that. Released in 2012, our free app called “NJ Family Law Center” is available through iTunes. Going through a divorce is a difficult and emotional process. Villani & DeLuca’s NJ Family Law app may be just what you need... Read More