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When two people go through a divorce it is very difficult emotionally and logistically, but when children are involved it may become even more difficult for everyone including the child. Summer is a common time for vacations making any travels happening... Read More

New Jersey couples that are seeking to dissolve their marriages without the stress and of litigation often turn to alternative resolutions such as collaborative divorce or divorce mediation. The goals of both approaches are to allow couples to reach mutually... Read More

Many divorce and family law attorneys generally offer free consultations. But have you really thought about what that means to you and your situation? Maybe you’re wondering: what do you get out of it? Is it advice and direction? Is it an opportunity... Read More

Anyone with access to tv and the internet probably knows more about the Kardashian clan than they know about their own family. The family has fully broadcasted their ups and downs as well as weddings and divorces on Keeping Up with the Kardashians reality... Read More

Divorce is one of the most stressful things children and adults go through. Anger, hurt, sadness, confusion, frustration and resentment are very real (and reasonable) emotions throughout the entire separation process. Yes it’s true, divorce is not funny,... Read More

Most people know that convicted felons can’t own guns. This is based on state and federal laws that make it illegal for an ex-felon to possess firearms. New Jersey regulates the possession and use of concealed weapons, including guns and explosives;... Read More

A divorce is an especially difficult time for all parties involved. When you combine divorce and taxes, things only get more complicated. Not only is a large part of an individual’s life changing, but they face a new economic upheaval. It is important... Read More

Are you considering a divorce but are concerned that it might not be worth it because of the costs? An average contested divorce can range somewhere between $15,000 and $30,000. Well, not all divorces have to be that expensive. Here are five steps to... Read More

Even when a divorce begins cordially, it can take a turn for the worse. Getting through divorce is never easy, but it can be simplified with the assistance of an experienced divorce lawyer.Chris Rock is known for his bold attitude and jokes that negatively... Read More

The court must consider several factors when calculating the amount of child support someone must pay each month to the child’s custodial parent such as the income of the defendant, income of the custodian and, most importantly, the needs of the child.... Read More

Alimony for MenMany men going through divorce feel that asking for alimony can be a sign of weakness, and may refuse to take money from their higher-earning ex-wives. Some often think that alimony is only for the unemployed or spouses who need to go... Read More

Divorce is difficult – both emotionally and financially – for everyone concerned. The NJ Family Court system uses spousal support or alimony to ease financial burdens, so that neither party is left without the means to support the lifestyle to which... Read More

By its very nature, divorce is a legal proceeding that is fraught with emotional issues that sometimes can cause the individuals involved to take positions that do not represent their best interests and are often times opposed to what is best for them... Read More

When going through a divorce, it is very important that the individual not only has a good relationship with his or her attorney, but that he or she also has a good relationship with the attorney’s support staff, inclusive of junior associates and the... Read More

One of the most difficult aspects of a divorce proceeding is ascertaining the nature of any and all assets on behalf of the spouse who is not involved with the finances during the course of the marriage.  Often times the non-wage earning spouse has the... Read More