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A teen was unprovoked when he attacked a man who was crossing a street in Paterson on December 7, 2015. The teen threw one punch knocking out the unsuspecting man while a second teen recorded what would eventually become a viral video of the attack. The... Read More

Steps to Take After Being Accused of Narcotics PossessionThe old adage, “knowledge is power” is especially fitting in the context of fighting drug possession charges in NJ (2C:35-10). Knowing how to handle yourself during a potential drug arrest... Read More

Facing a restraining order is indeed a stressful situation and the entry of a final restraining order (FRO) in NJ has real and permanent consequences. A restraining order by definition will stem from a domestic violence situation, and will result in restricted... Read More

Despite knowing the New Jersey law, year after year, residents often buy fireworks in Pennsylvania and bring them back home. Most garden state residents know that buying, selling or distributing fireworks in NJ is illegal, but there are those who may... Read More

Last year, heroin-related overdoses caused 225 more deaths in New Jersey than car accidents and it’s continuing to get worse according to recent statistics. In fact, heroin deaths have been on the rise for more than four years in New Jersey.Heroin-related... Read More

There’s no shortage of entertainment at the Jersey Shore. In fact, more than 60 music festivals are scheduled throughout the summer. Events include a tour with the band Mumford & Sons in Seaside Heights, Point Pleasant SummerFest, Oceanfest in Long... Read More

Humans naturally don’t want to be restrained. Our fight-or-flight survival mechanism (also known as fight, flight, freeze or fawn response) is a physiological reaction that occurs in response to a perceived harmful event, attack or threat to survival.... Read More

While teachers have to go through many requirements for a career in education; for some, criminal records are a common hurdle to overcome. School employees in New Jersey require a criminal background check conducted through the Federal Bureau of Investigation... Read More

A real estate license is the lifeblood of every agent. Yet every year, thousands lose their licenses. Some are considered criminals, others may be considered incompetent, yet others may be victims of unfortunate circumstances. At Villani & DeLuca... Read More

Heading out to a nightclub at the Jersey Shore this weekend? Disturbances can often occur outside of bars and clubs in which police will be called in to break up a developing fight. These situations are not uncommon in Ocean or Monmouth County and can... Read More

Most people know that convicted felons can’t own guns. This is based on state and federal laws that make it illegal for an ex-felon to possess firearms. New Jersey regulates the possession and use of concealed weapons, including guns and explosives;... Read More

Anytime alcohol is involved, what starts as a conversations can quickly escalate into a debate, disagreement and result in a bar fight. If someone is injured during a bar fight, you might find yourself slapped with a criminal assault charge.In New Jersey,... Read More

Everyone leaves small clues (like fingerprints) all over the internet; and leveraging social media is just one of many ways law enforcement officials have been collecting evidence from social media to help them solve crimes. Surprise…self-incriminating... Read More

New Jersey state officials (and those from Pennsylvania and New York) recently identified several lethal brands of heroin (which may not contain any heroin at all) that have caused at least six overdose deaths. Wax folds labeled “Power Hour,” “Strike... Read More

If you are worried about previously dismissed or dropped charges affecting your current eligibility for PTI or Pretrial Intervention in NJ, you can breathe easier. On Jan. 8, the New Jersey Supreme Court unanimously ruled that a defendant’s prior dropped... Read More