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A temporary restraining order (TRO) in New Jersey will be issued before a final restraining order (FRO) can be issued. They should not be taken lightly under any circumstances and if you are facing one, you should exercise extreme caution and consider... Read More

You may have a New Jersey criminal record because of a momentary lapse in judgment in your teens or early twenties. Your criminal record could exist with a single incident of going out one night and having a few too many drinks and while intoxicated you... Read More

Recently, a committee appointed by New Jersey’s chief judge recommended a historic shift in bail eligibility in NJ. The new focus was on the safety of the community, as opposed to money, when deciding who goes free and who remains behind bars.The NJ... Read More

Last year, heroin-related overdoses caused 225 more deaths in New Jersey than car accidents and it’s continuing to get worse according to recent statistics. In fact, heroin deaths have been on the rise for more than four years in New Jersey.Heroin-related... Read More

There’s no shortage of entertainment at the Jersey Shore. In fact, more than 60 music festivals are scheduled throughout the summer. Events include a tour with the band Mumford & Sons in Seaside Heights, Point Pleasant SummerFest, Oceanfest in Long... Read More

Confrontations can happen to even the most mild-mannered people resulting in an assault. When the police arrive on the scene of a fight, it may not matter if your actions were because you were sticking up for one of your friends; many times all parties... Read More

Heading out to a nightclub at the Jersey Shore this weekend? Disturbances can often occur outside of bars and clubs in which police will be called in to break up a developing fight. These situations are not uncommon in Ocean or Monmouth County and can... Read More

Anytime alcohol is involved, what starts as a conversations can quickly escalate into a debate, disagreement and result in a bar fight. If someone is injured during a bar fight, you might find yourself slapped with a criminal assault charge.In New Jersey,... Read More

Everyone leaves small clues (like fingerprints) all over the internet; and leveraging social media is just one of many ways law enforcement officials have been collecting evidence from social media to help them solve crimes. Surprise…self-incriminating... Read More

With the holiday shopping season almost in full effect in New Jersey, it’s important to protect yourself and your identity from fraud. Identity thieves and scammers step up their efforts during the holidays. So, it’s important that you also take extra... Read More

NJ Attorney General’s Office Seeks to Obtain Phone Records Without WarrantNew Jersey Assistant Attorney General Ronald Susswein is challenging a 32-year-old ruling by the NJ State Supreme Court. The original ruling (State v. Hunt) requires prosecutors... Read More