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Underage alcohol consumption and/or possession is one of the most common criminal charges for young people in New Jersey. Knowing that it’s so common; however, does not help your child potentially facing punishment in court and a tarnished record. As... Read More

The moment right after a motor vehicle accident can be filled with fear and shock, but it’s important to stay calm and take the right steps to prevent further damage. Whether it happens on the Garden State Parkway, Ocean Blvd or on a local side street... Read More

Confrontations can happen to even the most mild-mannered people resulting in an assault. When the police arrive on the scene of a fight, it may not matter if your actions were because you were sticking up for one of your friends; many times all parties... Read More

While teachers have to go through many requirements for a career in education; for some, criminal records are a common hurdle to overcome. School employees in New Jersey require a criminal background check conducted through the Federal Bureau of Investigation... Read More