Dog Bite Injury in New Jersey

training of a police dogIt is estimated that over 4 million dog bites occur in the United States every year, although many victims do not report their injuries.  In the majority of cases, victims are able to receive compensation for their injuries without having to go to court.  Many dog owners have home insurance policies that cover dog bites, but even those that don’t are usually willing to cover at least the victim’s medical bills.  Unfortunately, there are cases in which a dog owner is unwilling to accept responsibility for the dog’s actions, or is uncooperative about compensating the victim.  The only way for these victims to recover compensation is by seeking assistance from a personal injury attorney experienced in handling dog bite cases.

Contacting an Attorney About Your Dog Bite Injury in New Jersey

During your initial consultation, your attorney will explain the steps involved in putting together a dog bite case in New Jersey.  Regardless of whether or not the owner is fully aware of the incident, you must always record the details of the incident in writing.  Your lawyer can assist you by drafting a letter to the owner and/or his or her home insurance or renter’s insurance provider.  If the owner’s policy offers dog bite liability protection, the attorney will work with the insurance company to get you compensated for your injury.   If the dog’s owner is a tenant of a rental property, your lawyer will also draft a letter to the property owner.  Although the dog owner is fully liable in most dog bite cases, there are special circumstances in which the landlord’s negligence may have contributed to the incident.  If so, the landlord may have a landlord liability insurance policy that covers dog bites.

Obtain Records Helpful for Your Dog Bite Injury in New Jersey

In addition to letters, your lawyer will help you obtain other records that are crucial to your case.  You will be asked to submit all evidence of medical treatment, including hospital bills and photos of your injuries, and to keep any written correspondence between you and the dog owner and/or property owner.  Photographing any and all injuries related to the dog bite is essential to receiving maximum compensation, especially if you are in need of expensive treatments, such as reconstructive surgery.  It is a good idea to save all voicemails left by the responsible parties if possible.  Your attorney will request all public records pertaining to the dog from municipal and state offices, such as the police department, animal control, and health department.  Hiring a private investigator may also be helpful in gathering statements from witnesses and neighbors to help strengthen your case.  Once all of the relevant information is gathered, your lawyer will attempt to negotiate a settlement with the appropriate insurance company.  If a settlement cannot be reached with the insurer, or if the owner has no insurance coverage, your lawyer may proceed to file a complaint in court.

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