Roofing Company Fined After Worker Falls to Death

Worker's Compensation CoverageIn February, a Middlesex-based roofing company was fined $43,000 as a result of safety violations. The violations stemmed from an incident in August of 2015 in which a worker died after falling 25 feet at a job site in Parsippany.

Fines Assessed By OSHA for Safety Violations

The $43K in fines were assessed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. According to the organization, the roofing company’s fines were for one repeat violation and three serious violations. During their investigation, OSHA found that the company failed to provide its workers with proper protections. The company was cited for this violation in 2011. Since 2000, OSHA has cited the company ten times for similar offenses.

Inspectors found that the roofing company ignored a specific warning from the manufacturer of hoists used by employees. The warning explicitly stated never to use roof process materials as counterweight. Despite that warning, OSHA discovered that the worker was using a manually operated roof hoist to lower his tool bags to the ground. The hoist became unbalanced, then tipped and hit the man, which knocked him to the ground and caused the injuries that led to his death 6 days after the accident.

Safety Violations and Workers’ Compensation in New Jersey

The purpose of workers’ compensation in New Jersey is to provide compensation for employees who are injured, disabled or killed during the course of working. As defined by N.J.S.A. 34:15-1,  employees can receive benefits for an injury arising out of and in the course of employment. The same applies to dependents of employees who are killed. Compensation can cover medical treatment and loss of wages. Benefits may also be available for permanent disability.

Although workers’ compensation is a program that’s designed for employees, filing for benefits can be a complicated process. Employees should report an accident as soon as it happens. They should also seek any necessary medical treatment right away.

Speak with a New Jersey Personal Injury Law Firm

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