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Heroin Defense Lawyers in Plumsted, New Jersey Will Work to Clear Your Charges

There is a heroin epidemic in New Jersey. As heroin fatalities and overdoses grow, NJ police are cracking down on heroin offenses, incorporating some of the strongest penalties in the nation.

With large quantities of heroin flowing into the NJ streets, heroin has become cheaper and more deadly. The purity of heroin is also higher in NJ. These two factors lead to a dangerous blend that is increasing heroin dependence.

Your legal defense plan has to be strong so you can reduce heroin possession or distribution charges. Your rights should not be thrown aside just because you have been charged with a crime.

If you or a friend is being confronted with heroin possession or intent to distribute in Plumsted, NJ, call the law firm of Villani & DeLuca for seasoned drug lawyers to assist you through the arraignment process and to protect your rights.

Heroin Charges According to New Jersey Law (N.J.S.A 2C:35-10)

Being sentenced for heroin possession can lead to large fines and 5 years prison time.

The usage of heroin has gone up swiftly in New Jersey within just a few years. Heroin is the “number one health care crisis” in NJ according to the Task Force on Heroin and Other Opiate Use by New Jersey Youths and Young Adults. Your NJ drug defense attorney needs to have a history of success in dealing with heroin charges.

NJ Heroin Possession Lawyers with Extensive Experience

Partner Carmine Villani, Esq. has been representing clients for drug possession and distribution crimes since Villani & DeLuca opened in 1996. Mr. Villani has previously worked as a criminal prosecutor, which gives him a viewpoint on fighting drug charges that not many heroin defense attorneys possess.

Protect Yourself from These Serious Heroin Charges

Give yourself the best chance at success when dealing with a heroin conviction. A guilty plea for heroin possession or distribution can also restrict your professional prospects in the years ahead. Jail time and fines can be incredibly detrimental to the way your life travels.

Your charges and potential penalties have a lot to do with the variables of your arrest. The total number of ounces of heroin found on you during your arrest will help determine if you receive a possession or distribution charge. Things like school zones also strongly factor into the severity of your charges.

Simple Heroin Possession in NJ

If you have been picked up for heroin possession, you don’t necessarily need to face jail time. Your heroin lawyer can argue for conditional discharge or a Pretrial Intervention (PTI), for first-time offenders. There are other considerations that may cause your charges to be reduced or dropped, including arrests made through unlawful search and seizure, which an adept heroin attorney will be able to investigate.

Even a relatively small amount of heroin can justify the intent to distribute. If you are convicted of possession with the intent to sell, you can face 5 years imprisonment with a max fine of $75,000 and a revoked driver’s license.

Heroin Distribution and Intent to Distribute Laws in New Jersey

A charge for distribution is no different than a charge for the intent to distribute. Possession of smaller amounts of heroin (0.5 ounces) with the intent to distribute is deemed a third degree crime, while possession with intent to distribute larger amounts (5 ounces or more) is a 1st degree crime. A jail sentence of 10-20 years and a half million dollar fine may be the consequence of a first degree heroin conviction.

Heroin Distribution and Possession in or Near a School Zone

An arrest for heroin possession in a school zone can lead to penalties that are stricter than under normal circumstances. A school zone does not only include the immediate area around school building. If you are caught distributing heroin within 1,000 feet of a school bus, for instance, the school zone laws of NJ will apply to your charges.

Don’t Permit Heroin Charges to Ruin Your Life

Numerous paths are accessible to you with the help of an attorney who has defended charges similar to yours in the past. A practiced New Jersey heroin lawyer may be able to get your case thrown out, have the charges significantly reduced or avoid impacting your criminal record.

Did law enforcement ignore police protocol when searching you? If your rights were transgressed, you may have a case against the state. Your heroin defense attorney will be able to the details of your individual arrest.

Conditional discharge is a good solution for many first-time offenders of heroin possession. Discharge will allow you to go on probation instead, and your record will stay clean.

Pretrial Intervention (PTI). This program is designed for rehabilitation rather than incarceration and allows defendants to undergo drug treatment therapy decrease further drug-related crimes and arrests in NJ.

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