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There is nothing more vital than your well-being, and a serious injury can do permanent and even incurable damage. Injuries can lead to a plethora of issues like the termination of a job, acute physical pain and loss of sensory skills.

It is well within the law to pursue financial compensation for an injury that was produced by another person’s negligent actions in the state of NJ. If your injuries are long-standing, costing you money or causing immense bodily or emotional pain, payments can be a great benefit. While money might not be able to reverse your injury, it can relieve some of the other issues that take place because of the injury. The money it costs to facilitate your healing can be enormous, and a personal injury lawyer serving Lakehurst, NJ can help remove that burden.

Finding the culpable party is crucial when you are hurt and lose income due to someone else’s actions. An attorney from Villani & DeLuca will endeavor to have the responsible party cover your costs.

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Every personal injury law suit varies and should be treated on its own merits. Your court action in Lakehurst needs accredited personal injury attorneys. The personal injury lawyers at Villani & DeLuca have been working hard for their clients for years and will keep up the fight so that they can get the financial aid they need.

You must have a personal injury legal practitioner in NJ who recognizes the subtleties of the law and will work every angle to get results. Villani & DeLuca legal professionals can speak with insurance companies, argue settlements and represent your welfare in court if needed.

Personal Injury Claims Villani & DeLuca Represents

With a personalized legal strategy, the personal injury lawyers at Villani & DeLuca will work with you to get results. The unique scenario surrounding your injury will be considered in order to find the most appropriate defense. The personal injury lawyers at Villani & DeLuca are committed to creating a compelling legal strategy for each of our clients concerning a number of claims, including (but not limited to):

Automotive Crashes

Have you been in a SUV or car accident? Are you dealing with pain, both emotional and physical as well as mounting medical bills? Financial reimbursement from the responsible party can make things easier. Simplify the recovery process with the help of a personal injury attorney.

Slip and Fall or Premises Liability

You may be entitled to monetary remunerations if you slipped and fell due to poor property maintenance. A property’s maintenance traditionally falls under the purview of its owner.

Workers’ Compensation

A workers compensation claim can be filed in the event of an injury that happens during work-related travel or while actively working. If you suffered a work place injury, make sure you take the necessary action to file a claim correctly and on time. Factors such as cause, type and location will dictate if you are eligible for a claim against multiple parties. Consult with an educated workers compensation attorney to fully understand your rights.

Dog Bites and Dog Attacks

The owner of a dog is nearly always accountable for any injuries caused by the dog on the victim. Negligence is not a factor with dog bites. Your case is dependent upon the ability to prove that the dog did bite you. There are exceptions to this law, so pay a visit to an experienced dog bite lawyer to find out whether you have a valid claim.

Dog bite law has been a focus of the accident attorneys at Villani & DeLuca for years. Carmine Villani, Esq. is knowledgeable in NJ dog bite laws and helping people obtain compensation for injuries related to dog bites. Mr. Villani is a respected dog bite attorney who has led a peer discussion of dog bite law at a professional seminar.

Wrongful Death

Have you recently lost someone dear to you in an accident? A misfortune like this is never easy to overcome and financial remuneration will never be enough, but you do deserve payment for your loss. Your family will be able to know that the person responsible for a wrongful death is held accountable for their actions.

Head Trauma and Traumatic Brain Injuries

A brain injury may cause consequences that linger. Loss of consciousness, memory loss, cognitive or mobility disabilities and other short-term or lasting problems commonly develop from head injuries. Get legal advice from a personal injury lawyer if you suffer from any conditions related to a brain injury.

Pool Injuries

If a badly maintained pool or pool grounds caused you injury, you should seek compensation for your injuries. In NJ, pool owners are responsible for the maintenance of his or her pool. Responsibility for pool accidents should be placed on the owner of a pool if the steps to maintain it were not taken.

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