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Divorce is incredibly prevalent in modern culture. When saying “I do”, no one believes that their union is going to end in tears and legal fights. Yet, it happens every day, in every state.

Arriving at a spot in your marriage where the only alternative is divorce is never enjoyable. By the time you reach this crossroad, you have already exhausted dozens of hours distressing, arguing or squabbling over every aspect of the marriage. A divorce attorney in Dover, New Jersey can help out by working to protect your rights according to the law.

Problems frequently turn up in the course of divorce proceedings. Previously communal belongings and other banking claims will need to be assigned properly, and only a qualified divorce lawyer in Dover, New Jersey can help you gather the outcome you are entitled to. Look forward to the new life you can establish, thanks to Villani & DeLuca, P.C.

Seasoned Dover, NJ Divorce Attorneys Fighting for You

The process of divorce can be made less loathsome with a quality divorce lawyer helping you. Prior to the final stages of divorce, a few key concerns must be resolved. Getting an experienced divorce attorney with you will improve your chances of receiving a reasonable settlement. The most reliable route to getting what you seek in a divorce is by finding a lawyer that listens to your concerns and advocates for you in court.

Partner Vincent DeLuca, Esq. is one of the small number of attorneys recognized as a certified matrimonial law attorney, as bestowed by the NJ Supreme Court. From the mid-90s through today, our divorce law team has offered guidance on divorce-related matters to people in communities such as Dover and the rest of New Jersey.

Find a matrimonial lawyer who represents clients struggling with every kind of divorce. Divorce options like collaborative divorce and mediation will assist to finalize your divorce quickly and easily. But, only some divorces can be settled without a judge’s intervention, and Villani & DeLuca will stand for you in court when it comes to it.

Obtaining a Divorce in New Jersey

If you are seeking to obtain a divorce in NJ, you need to be a NJ resident for a full year. Also, the divorce will have to be filed because of of irreconcilable differences to allow the divorce to get approved. Without irreconcilable differences, there are extenuating circumstances that are worthy of divorce according to the state, for instance:

– Having an affair
– Deviant sexual behavior
– Abandonment (intentional and continued for at least a year)
– Addiction to drugs or frequent alcohol consumption
– One and a half years of living separately
– Being institutionalized for mental illness for 2+ years
– Extreme cruelty (physical or psychological cruelty threatening safety or overall health of husband or wife)

Customary Divorce Conditions

Divorce Mediation

The court may order you to seek divorce mediation, or you can select to participate in divorce mediation on your own . An unbiased party will assist in the mediation for the two parties in a divorce. Terms will worked towards with the help of attorneys and a mediator. A resolution reached by means of divorce mediation can generally be more beneficial for both parties than a settlement decided in court.

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is one other successful solution for couples that are still able to communicate civilly and without vindictiveness. Collaborative divorce removes the necessity of a trial in court. This hands-on style wouldn’t get results for all couples, but when successful, it minimizes adverse impacts on children and involved parties, while reducing expenses and keeping behavior respectful and for the greater good.

Child Custody

Child custody can be a torturous exercise as a divorcing parent. Your attorney will fight to verify that you are an excellent choice to rear children. The court will mandate on this subject based on your child’s well being.

Alimony or Spousal Support

A financial settlement comprising of spousal support may be needed if you or your spouse generates noticeably more money than the other. Alimony is primarily based around the lifestyle that each partner has enjoyed in the course of their relationship. Spousal support can be extended to a spouse in order to restrict unfair sacrifices being imposed on one side, as an immediate consequence of divorce. According to N.J.S.A. 2A:34-23(b), alimony payments are based on the number of years of marriage, your age and education and personal assets.

Child Support

In the state of NJ, child support payments are determined based on a certain percentage of both parents’ earnings. The calculation will adjust based on whether a parent has sole or joint-custody of the children. There are several other factors that can affect child support payments, including who pays for health insurance, the number of nights each child spends at a parent’s home, income potential, and most importantly, the specific needs of the child.

You need a divorce lawyer who is reliable and trustworthy when striving to secure child support. A divorce can be tough on children, but your divorce lawyer can help ease the burden off of you so you can focus on your loved ones.

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