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Personal Injury Lawyers in Shrewsbury NJ

Don't Let Negligence Destroy Your Life. Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in Shrewsbury, NJ

Injuries can last months and even years, affecting every area of your life. Your job could be at risk or you could be suffering from constant pain due to a variety of injuries.

Were you significantly injured because of someone else's behavior? Don't quit. An accident law firm serving Shrewsbury will be able to help you pursue compensation from whoever was responsible. You should not have to undergo physical and emotional distress, all while paying your own medical bills.
Don't be shy about asking for compensation. if you are a victim of the actions or negligence of another party. Make sure your personal injury attorney is poised to safeguard that right in the most effective strategy possible. Fight for a settlement with the assistance of Villani & DeLuca personal injury lawyers.

Do Your Accident Attorneys Have the Resume You Need? Do Your Homework.

Looking for a personal injury attorney who serves Shrewsbury, NJ? You need a smart legal professional who has experience handling cases like yours. Since 1996, Villani & DeLuca has been working on behalf of clients who have suffered a wide range of injuries.

Get a lawyer who knows the every aspect of personal injury law. You won't have to contend with insurance companies, and an lawyer can even help you reach a settlement so that you do not have to go to court.

Personal Injury Claims We Represent

There are many types of accidents constitute a personal injury accident. Speak with a personal injury lawyer before it's too late if you were injured because of negligence. The list below does not include every type of personal injury that Villani & DeLuca will pursue. Be sure to talk to one of our personal injury lawyers if you have been hurt in a way that is not cited below to find out if it merits financial compensation.

Automotive Crashes

Auto collisions are some of the most widespread, and serious, personal injury claims that arise. However, a personal injury claim doesn't inevitably depend on the degree of the accident. Mental and physical pain both contribute to whether compensation should be ascribed to the sufferer.

Slip and Fall or Premises Liability

If you are injured on account of someone's failure to uphold their property or improper maintenance on the premises of a business, you may be able to get compensation. A property's maintenance typically falls under the responsibility of its owner.

Workers' Compensation

You can benefit from monetary compensation for being hurt at work with the help of a lawyer who has experience assisting people through the workers compensation process. You should not be responsible for paying medical bills or missing work because of an injury that occurred either at work, in work-related travel or as a result of your position.

Dog Bites and Dog Attacks

You would benefit from dog bite attorney who can explain the subtleties of NJ dog bite laws. A dog bite attorney should be your 2nd call (your 1st call should be to a doctor) after being bitten by a dog.

Mr. Villani has been representing dog bite victims for many years. He has lectured at educational sessions to instruct other attorneys on the subject of New Jersey dog bite law.

Wrongful Death

Did you lose a loved one in an accident? Although there is no solution for your pain, you should receive payment for your losses. The party that is responsible for a wrongful death must be punished.

Head Trauma and Traumatic Brain Injuries

Are you suffering from symptoms generated by an injury to your head? Was someone else responsible for your accident? Loss of memory, suffering cognitive abilities and major emotional damage can be the outcome of a traumatic brain injury. You do not deserve to suffer in vain.

Pool Injuries

Property owners are legally required to maintain their pools in reasonably safe conditions. A certain level of safety is demanded of pool owners. If you or someone you know has been injured or drowned in a pool-related incident because of improper maintenance, take action by turning to a pool accident attorney today.

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